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Top rosiiyskie movie premieres in 2006

January 11 2006

The entire Russian film industry was startled by sweeping, heavy gait, "the first film of the year", "Night Watch", to ease the striker one record after another. The battle between good and evil to make people forget about other upcoming high-profile premieres of Russian cinema. Meanwhile, Russians are waiting for a lot of very nice movie premieres.

For example, February 9, the movie "Hare over the abyss" Tigran Keosayan. Starring: Bogdan Stupka, Vladimir Ilyin.

Comedy with elements of phantasmagoria. In the last century, in the seventy-first year, lived in Moldavia were first and second secretary of the Communist Party, and the second was the essential first because a friend of the King of the Soviet Union of Leonid Brezhnev. When the entire country was preparing for a meeting of the Brezhnev himself, a musician Lautar finally decided to ask the Gypsy Baron hand of his daughter Anna. Do you think Baron will give his beloved daughter a simple beggar musician? .. Give, if present bride ZIM Brezhnev, General Secretary yes he will be matchmaker. Indicative budget picture - $ 2 million.

A month later, on March 16, on Russian screens released thriller "Tin", adorned by a constellation of actors. It Starring: Alena Babenko, Alexei Serebryakov, Sergei Shakurov, Renata Litvinova. Budget of $ 2 million.

April 6 will be released a Russian fighter "Piranha." This film is definitely not go unnoticed, though, because it weighed the most at the moment popular Russian actor - Vladimir Mashkov and Yevgeny Mironov.

Under the guise of sharing holiday special forces agent "Piranha" Kirill Mazur and his colleague Olga go to the North on a mission to eliminate underwater secret weapon. Suddenly they find themselves in a world where the laws of civilization are forgotten, and lethal weapons by gangsters led by a new "master of taiga" Prohor, whose leisure time is spent hunting for people. Mazur did not know that he will have his familiar gun on a self-made ivory knife, and save his companion and himself, instead of saving the world. But hunters do not know that for them it is a safari in northern forests would be no less dangerous than living targets.

At the end of April, at 20 the number of scheduled premiere of the military action movie "Last Armored Train", which will meet again actor Andrei Panin, and Denis Nikiforov, who played a sensational blockbuster "shadow boxing".

The Great Patriotic War ... The front line is broken, communication between the units. General Maltsev desperately to hold the crossing of the Berezina. In the exhausted soldiers and armored train to help. But the closest aide Maltsev betrays his own and to the Germans. Captured an armored train, along with several soldiers and a daughter, Maltsev, Tonya, pushed to the front without the consent of the father. At stake is the outcome of the offensive and hundreds of soldiers. Captured combatants and Tonya decides to go on a deadly risk and try to take the train back from the Germans.

Immediately after the May holidays, May 4, the movie "TANKER" Tango ", where you will see the painfully familiar faces Denis Nikiforov, Ekaterina Guseva, Marat Basharova and others.

Young entrepreneur Andrei Grekov repay rivalimg hspace = "10" src = "/ img/9350.jpeg" align = "right" border = "1" /> company. No money, property is arrested, but there is an old tanker and order for transportation of oil. And although the deal seems doubtful Andrew, this is a good opportunity to quickly solve all problems. What could be easier than to transport cargo from Poland to Germany? Just get into the story where the stakes become life of loved ones. Andrew just wanted to save his job and became the focus of a terrorist plot, where nothing of it does not depend on ...

Akkurat on Children's Day (June 1) was appointed premier comedy with a very promising title "Nobody knows about sex" and at least a promising set of artists (VJ Aurora, Elena Yakovleva, Mikhail Efremov).

Almost on the equator, 2006 - June 29, the soul of Russian viewers shudder mystical thriller "Dead Daughters," directed by Paul Ruminova.

One day, a crazy mother for one night drowned her three small daughters. A few years later, the mother-killer, placed in a mental hospital, was also brutally murdered by three different weapons. Witnesses claimed that it did three teenage girls. Ghosts of dead daughters avenged their mother, but their thirst for vengeance was not satisfied, and rage is not. In A deadly chain reaction: within three days they followed the same time, WHO SAW THEIR VICTIM. Once a person has committed some evil deed, the ghosts would punish him. In them - an enormous strength. And that power is growing. They can not find rest. Perhaps they are - not just a ghost ....

July 13 at the Russian screens will be a fantastic action film "Paragraph 78" with Gosha Kutsenko and Vladimir Vdovichenkovym. Next in line on the wide screen is another action movie "Countdown" with superizvestnyh masters of this genre Merzlikina Andrey and Oksana Akinshina.

At the beginning of November will be a long-awaited film fantasy Nikolai Lebedev's "Wolfhound". After the daily "patrols" the genre very few people will be surprised, but this promises to stand alone. In addition, the pattern is very substantial by Russian standards, the budget - $ 10 million. Also very impressive cast: Alexander Bukharov, Natalya Varley, Igor Petrenko, Alexander Domogarov, Oksana Akinshina and others.

He was condemned to death, but survived to avenge the murder of his clan. Last people from the tribe of the Grey Dogs became a fearless warrior by the name of Wolfhound. After cheating death in the mines, Wolfhound sets out on a journey with his companion, the Earthbound Bat. Wolfhound has a desire to destroy the Maneater, destroyed the village of the Grey Dogs. Reaching the castle arch-enemy, Wolfhound brutally cracked down on a man-eater. He also frees two prisoners, the sage Tilorn and slave Niilit. Wolfhound accompanies them goes to the city Galirad experiencing troubled times. The king of Galirad, to save the city from destruction, is giving his daughter away a young warrior Vinitara, promises to protect Galirad. Princess Elen must travel to the land of her future husband. She asks Wolfhound to be her bodyguard on a dangerous journey. By agreeing to serve knesinke, Wolfhound finds himself involved in a whirlwind of mysterious events that shed light on the true purpose of the trip ...

Well, at the very end of the year on Dec. 28 the Russians should be submitted to hilarious comedy of the Equator, where a major role to play Gosha Kutsenko.

p align = "justify"> In the African savanna than indigenous Africans live Japanese, giraffes, hippos, Americans, elephants, lions, Arabs, crocodiles and monkeys. And yet here live Russian soldiers.
And Russian soldiers badly needed a tractor. Only how to get the tractor in the African savannah? Russian soldiers did not disappear, right, and with a crocodile, and the Arabs. Only he can start trouble, which he has never edali in Africa.
This comedy is full of jokes and funny situations, there are many colorful characters, but only one main character - Equator. In the haze of scorching sun, among the exotic grasses, on the equator can happen, anything ...

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