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"Teddy syndrome": a great comedy, transparently

November 9 2005

In our Cinemas, which completely blocked with American films, with occasional patches of our own, domestic supermegablokbasterami with nabivshimi on edge plots, the emergence of high-quality, European film, is seen as a very significant event. Moreover, when you submit this picture is arriving in Moscow the leading man, and in combination - the star of the French, and world cinema Christian Clavier.

Someone whom? - You ask - something I do not know this .... Oh, it's the same actor who played with Jean Reno in "Aliens" and "a stranger in America," his hero - a roguish servant, Jacques, brought a special flavor and humor in these famous movies. In addition, very few people in our country was not looking comedy, loosely based on comic book about two charming galls Asterix and Obelix. Obelix - Gerard Depardieu as Asterix - Christian Clavier. Here, here, in the face of the actor you know.

But the current visit of the famous comedian in Moscow, is associated with the submission of a new French comedy (it sounds "delicious") "Teddy syndrome.

In the life of a successful business tycoons Jacques Marty is a crisis: it is on the verge of committing the most ambitious and audacious deal in his life, but his panic, going on with him something quite incomprehensible. However, everything has an antidote, and pretty eccentric accountant Andre with the face of a teddy bear comes just incidentally. He breaks into the life of Andre, an influential tycoon, like a bull in a china shop. But if Marty will have time to recover from compulsive disease, before Andre ruin his business, his marriage and his life?

The film is based on the relationship between the two heroes, Jacques Alain Marty (Christian Clavier) and Andre Morin (Jacques Vieira).

Alan Jacques - the charismatic leader of the largest French industrial group «Vladis Interprices». Lively, energetic, charming, with an iron business acumen, he has achieved almost all their forties, but, nevertheless, its motto is "move forward or die." And, behold, Marty is on the verge of its biggest deals, which be able to do almost a "master of the world."

However, his worst enemy, media giant "Stardust" Stephen Brickman, has in this transaction and his interest in trying to prevent the hero. The situation is difficult, and then there's Marty ill unknown disease: it is increasingly happening panic attacks, which provoke stuttering at the most inopportune moment. Personal psychiatrist advises him to seek the causes in children, respectively, traumas of that time. Can serve as an antidote to anything - belly Noe, the smell, the subject.

When the attacks are becoming quite unbearable, fate brings Marty with a modest accountant from a small factory producing toys. He is also a small shareholder «Vladis Interprices». At shareholders' meetings are always opposed to the major shareholders and directors in defense of the interests of ordinary investors. And, behold, at the next meeting, Jacques Marty and Maureen intersect, and the businessman notices that in the company of this man, confidence returned to him, and fears disappear.

Jacques Marty concludes that to avoid the collapse of his career, he simply must have on hand André Morin. And it takes a humble accountant to work, puts in his house, introduces his family.

Marty's wife Nadine very displeased by the fact that she has to share a house with an eccentric stranger. Respectable lives Jacques Marty on the verge of collapse. His "cure" can destroy all that is acquired over a lifetime.

egkaya, witty comedy, where the tradition of French comedy, aptly sovmeschayuts I'm with modern trends. But, so, at least, it does not strained and contrived, as in many American products, comedy, where the actors themselves are joking, laughing at themselves, but still the audience needs to know where to laugh, laugh ... voiceover.

To my question about his attitude to such products, as well as that does not threaten a French comedy like "odebilivanie, Christian Clavier replied very diplomatically:

Comedy - a complicated thing, this complex multi-combination. Difficult to say that like it, do not like it. I am sure that everything is so straightforward that we can say - it's a bad film, but it is - good. What a bad movie like everyone, but good only for the elite. I love American movies, they have had some success in comedy. Generally, there is nothing irreversible, it is impossible to say that the movie is winding down, or it is on the rise. Of course, American movies have captivated all, due to the strong, even aggressive advertising, but you just do the trick. And, in particular, my visit is related to the presentation in your rental of the film "Teddy syndrome. And, it means the beginning of a fair, fighting for the audience hearts. "

In the " Syndrome, several Christian away from his roles klutz, rogue, rascal - here it is hard cynical businessman. Despite its "negative", its hero is incredibly cute and charming.

But, still a hero Clavier few went to second place against the backdrop of charming and eccentric accountant, played by Jacques Vieira, who in good faith, virtually derail a brilliant career superbiznesmena.

That's what Christian Clavier said of his role:

"I never had the opportunity to see the world economic leaders of France, some of which are really significant people, a world in which they live. They belong to a special kind of regulars fashionable resorts. This is not the actors and not singers, but in reality the powerful people.

I'm squeamish and know exactly what I want, but on the other hand, I love that I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoy comedy very much appreciate it. But this in no way prevents me to make objective assessments.

What I like about Vincent De Bruce (Director - aut.), Is the fact that it allows Mr. s to develop the situation. Make additions to the text. Improvise. He then evaluates what is obtained as a result. Often difficult to keep from laughing. Sometimes we just davimsya of laughter. "

Comedy is really overcame a breeze, simply and easily, the action is often interrupted by bursts of laughter in the hall.

"Teddy syndrome" comes in a wide Russian hire on November 10. I advise you - here, in fact, there are over than from the heart to laugh.

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