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Jokes ... (June 9, 2009 Issue 1)

June 9 2009

By a psychiatrist.
- Doctor, yesterday I ran through the streets almost naked, only in his socks.
I was so ashamed ...
- So-so ... And before you such things happen?
- Yes, often.
- And you, too, was ashamed of?
- No, never.
- Why are you in this time was a shame?
- I have one sock was full of holes.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Bro, "The cry in the theater" of three letters, the first B?
- Shit!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Parent meeting. Director:
- I need to talk to you about the immoral behavior of your son's
change. He only does that run for girls!
- PoDOOMaesh all normal boys of his age are running around the girls!
- With Chainsaw ???!!!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
If the word BREAD allowed four errors - get the word BEER.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Dude decided to take a prostitute. One of them offers his services:
- Come?
- Come, but only on condition that thou mayest be of the real whore.
- It will cost 200 bucks.
- Right.
They rise in a hotel room there dude it says:
- I want you to be very, very real whore.
- It will cost 500 bucks.
- Okay.
- And if you do you will give me all the money that you have with you, I promise you
be very, very last whore of all whores.
- Excellent! - Happy dude yells and then gives her all the money.
- Now take off your clothes, lie down on the bed ...
She then fastens it to the bed with handcuffs. Excited beyond
nowhere man looking forward to the point. Putana bends and
said in his ear:
- And now I'm leaving.
- Oh BLYADISCHA !!!!!!!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Honey, I love you 10 kg back!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Lie on an island in the Pacific Ocean two burnt bum:
- And all the Vaska-porter of the MCC!
- Aha! "World" abandoned, "Mir" nobody, dork!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
If it were not for the last minute, nothing will ever be done.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Good uncle, when he saw a little boy decided to treat him orange.
The boy took the orange and silent. Man:
- What say do you want?
- What, you do not know that it should be cleaned?

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