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Superkonkurs from! Communicating with a star on Valentine's Day!

February 9 2006

A collection of project participants "People's Artist" "Balalaika." It includes the best songs of the winners and finalists of the musical project "Russia" channel. "Name" gave the album title track performed by Alexander Panayotov and Alexei Chumakov. pick up the baton from the stunning girl group «A Sortie», scroll to the common fund three songs: "Do not that girl "," Ivushka "and" Beautiful Love. "

The last song made in the now fashionable oriental style, last summer, heard, probably everyone. Clockwork melody flowed from almost all stations. Next, the battle comes Alexey Goman . Since the composition of which is worth ten, as the duo is "Clouds" with People's Artist of Russia Lyudmila Nikolaeva. Without it costing virtually no serious official event, it is one of the few not "pripopsovanyh" folk singer.

Song "Clouds" was the crowning creative collaboration Ludmila Nikolaeva and composer Kim Breitburg. Originally the song was written solely for Nikolaeva, but she offered to make her a duet. "Second," not looking for a long time - Alexey Goman candidacy emerged quickly enough.

"For me, very glad that Lesch, despite his youth, working in a serious genre - explained his choice of actress. - Now, most young people opt for the easy music without any special meaning, Lesch is against this background that looks very attractive. That's why I invited him to sing this song a duet. " And, as I think, People's Artist of Russia not later regretted his choice. Alex from the very beginning the ascent differed very decent vocals and musicianship.

As for the song, it came out very lyrical, with light patches of folklore, and it quite philosophical content.
More Alexey Goman "allocated" is not very hyped song "Do not cry."

In addition to these songs on the disc are three hits Alexander Panayotov "I do not believe," "The Voice" and "Arrivederchi. Hot handsome Alexei Chumakov introduced the song "Black Eyes", "It will be."

Detachment of representatives of the second part of the "People's Artist" is headed by the winner Ruslan Alehno with the song "Sooner or later".

Recall that in the New Year's Eve at a rally held self-titled debut album of the artist.

And now, when approaching another beloved by many a holiday - Valentine's Day - we are announcing a new competition.

Prizes and rules:

Participate in a new competition "Balalaika"! To monitor developments, read the news carefully.

All winners will receive a new album "Balalaika" with an autograph.
Attention! Correctly answer all the questions first and your favorite artists to congratulate you on winning, personally on the phone.

The first, sent the correct answers will receive a call, greetings from your favorite artists February 14 - Valentine's Day.

Total number of winners - 5 people, a rally is held up to 12 hours 00 minutes 13 February. Apart from the correct answers to our editorial inbox ( yoki@yoki.runeed to send your contact information (phone efon or address).

Issues of competition:

1. In the video "Balalaika" Alexander Panayotov and Alexei Chumakov appear in two roles. First - pop idols in the spirit of the 80's, and the second:

- Gangsters in the style of "Pulp Fiction"
- Rock star
- Rappers

2. On the set of TV program "What? Where? When? "Group A Sotie had to play outdoors in the thin summer dress. Girls have decided to keep warm:

- Hot tea
- Sports ointment
- Brandy

3.Nedavno Ruslan Alehno save their neighbors from:

- Gangsters
- Flooding
- Fire

4. During the filming of the video Alexei Goman and Ludmila Nikolaeva on the set suddenly appeared:

- Ambulance
- Police
- Fire

5. In recent years, appeared in the press speculation that Alexander Panayotov moved in the soul:

- Faina Ranevskaya
- George Michael
- Elvis Presley

6. During his last trip to Bobruisk Ruslan Alehno a victim:

- Crazy fans
- Faulty door coupe
- A pair of "old chap", who were traveling with him

7. Alexei Chumakov has a new girlfriend - the magnificent Sphinx cat. What is the nickname of an original artist has chosen for her:

- Bucci
- Muchchi
- Gucci

Maria Pavlikova

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