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Jokes ... (November 8, 2009 Issue 3)

November 8 2009

One neighbor one another in:
- My wife is more in zoopapk not want to go!
- Last paz, when we were there - the monkey began bposat her apples and opehi ...
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
- Doktop wife podila on tpetem month we got married! What could it be?
- Tell me, pebenok zdopov?
- Yes, doktop ...
- Then do not worry, this is often ...
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
I'm big and fat, besides more and longer than usual.
Nicholas is a small and a ploskovaty, Volodya screams that this is more convenient, but really he's just jealous. All the girls are coming to visit, with interest and looking at me and trying to sneak to touch, but on Volodin usually do not pay attention. But I do not really allow!
I love myself - I like to put a hand on him and could move smoothly, then slowly, then faster. Play with it just kicks! I did not know before, as kayfovo until others told me. Then I decided to try.
And, to put it mildly - not sorry. Sometimes during the games just forget about everything - pulled at his best and this way and that, everything already shaking.
Well I have it tough, it will be nothing on this bad.
Only the parents are not caught - they think I play too much.
But I have not offended - after all, they do I bought it, my favorite joystick Raider RRO!
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Estonian farm to improve the gene pool of Russia ordered a bull-osemenitelya.
Brought him released. Run - the sun rejoices with fresh grass. And then see - is the Estonian cows. Melancholy because chewing the grass, staring at one point. Goby is not thinking long a running back rushes to her. Cow by surprise loses consciousness, falls.
Goby stands over the body and frightened and bewildered: shit, shit, shit ...
Next - Estonian bull (slowly, stretching the letter):
- Etto not "plya-plya" ... Etto murder ...
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Ppihodit the police woman and govopit:
- I was raped.
- And how old are you?
- ... sopok.
- For most Laughing give ...
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
- Govopit, ppostitutsiya are younger?
- What do you want? That she strongly sostapilas?
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Orgasm is divided into six stages:
1. Asthmatic - (oohs, ahs) A.. .. As well .. "
2. Geographic - "here here"
3. Math - "more, more"
4. Religious - "My God"
5. Suicidal - "I'm going to die"
6. Murder - "if you stop, I'll kill you!"
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
From the diary of the masochist: "Today is scary teeth ached, and the door pinched member ... Day was not in vain!".
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
- Come on ...
- Go to hell!
- You're Th, goat! Yes I love you right now ...
- You said yourself - go, so I sent ...

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