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"Indrik-Beast" - a musical ensemble performing ancient Russian and Slavic songs in modern processing

August 8 2005

Listen to music "Indrik-Beast" can be here

At the festival Ethnolife I met a very exciting young group of performers of folk music. "Indrik-Beast" - a musical ensemble performing ancient Russian and Slavic songs in a modern twist, using ethnic instruments peoples of the world.

As it turned out, the band got its name from the mystical tales of character Zaonezhja. Indrik-beast - the king of beasts ancient Slavonic world. On giving, he lived underground and fought the evil spirits, also influenced the fertility of the land. This character is depicted as the national epic in the form of an underground monster or a unicorn.

The group told me one of the founders of the ensemble Michael Yudin, who "Indrik-beast" plays the drums.

- How did your group?
- It all started with a tandem of two people - me and Artem Vorobiev. First of all, did not want to save on their feelings. I remember my grandmother deceased, folk tales, perhaps, a love since childhood. We wanted to create for themselves something from what we could ourselves kayfovat. It turned out that people who hear our music, too, have great fun, they're interested.

- Why they decided to play it folk music?
- I wish for myself to create something like that, that then the rest was ashamed and envious. Anything popular, broad, not worse Pelagia. The project is being done to ourselves, we have not really thought about the audience, just did what we liked ourselves. Were honest with ourselves.

- How long does a team together?
- Long enough to trust each other.

- What makes your creative team from the other, playing the Slav and Russian folk music?
- Our fad - it is something that all musicians have professional education. We do professional music for people that do not feel sorry for the soul. Our music is very accessible and understandable. Many who heard us once, they ask, guys, what language you sing? "Yes, of course, the lyrics often are elements of the Old Slavonic language, but I think it is not difficult to understand. Madonna also sings out, you listen, and do not tense up, because translation is not hiring.

I also want to note that we do not use copyright things, but folk art, so our music reflects the lifestyle of the ancient Slavs. There is nothing tricky in it.

- Collaborate with some Slavic societies?
In fact, the young team is difficult to move. If there is no producer and ties, the musicians are faced with the so-called information blockade.

- What are your plans and prospects?
Now we are quietly confident doing little steps, but some progress already. Few years it has taken to feel the team to pick up a repertoire that is not ashamed to make people. Now working on creating a good, expensive-sounding, full-fledged concert. It is logically thought out the beginning and end, we want people to not be bored. I hope that will be published album, which we will be proud of.

- Where can you see and hear?
At major festivals such as Music Fest, EthnoLife, «empty hills,
Performed in a concert hall named after Tchaikovsky Concert Hall "Russia".
And listen to the music group "Indrik-Beast" can be here.

img hspace = "10" src = "/ img/3858.jpeg" align = "left" border = "1" /> History of the group refers to the year 2000: the founder and artistic director of the group "Indrik-Beast" is Artem Vorobiev. Prior to that, Artem played rock and worked with various artists. But once, by accident, Vorobiev visited Folk Music Festival, and immediately became interested in this area. The result was a new passion of song and music ensemble "Indrik-Beast."

Of musicians united interest in folk song and a deep understanding of the ethnic group. Hardly Born in 2002 "Indrik-Beast," received recognition in a professional environment.

As a composer and multi-instrumentalist, Artem makes interesting arrangements of folk songs in modern music. As team leader he was able to unite around fine musicians, who previously worked in different stylistic directions and fluent in their instruments.

The main task of musicians "Indrik-Beast" was the popularization of ancient Russian folk songs that actually have been forgotten during the Soviet era and survived only in the Russian province.

The basis of song material collective "Indrik-Beast" went to Russian folklore of different regions of Russia XVI - XIX centuries. The ensemble's repertoire wedding, game, calendar, military and ritual chants. They were collected by field of folklore expeditions, ethnographic exploration, research, folklorists, linguists and teachers of Russian music institutions.

Group borrowed materials from the library and laboratories of RAM. Gnesin, Russian folk Union and the Moscow Conservatory.
In the current group Indrik-Beast, "owns a rare potential, which is to change the musical landscape of modern ethnic music.

Folk singer was born on Friday, December 13, 1983 in Moscow.
"Since childhood in my house is always the music played. My father - People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Ninth. He tried to instill my love of folk music, including such teams as the Beatles, Deep Purple.
In 1990 I started studying in music school. Shostakovich in choral conducting. In general, there was no choice, had to sing since childhood. Repeatedly tried to quit a class, but parents nastiavali on his own. For this I am grateful to them all.
In 1999, she entered a music college of Alfred Schnittke to the department of folk song.
In 2001, she won the All-Russian Competition of Folk Songs. Ippolitov-Ivanov, which was held in Voronezh.
At the 4 th year, I met with the subject, who offered me to try herself as a singer in "Indrik. I broke a long time, because this music is an experiment, and for me it was something new.
A year later, we have made a joint-hour program, which you can soon be heard.
Together with all occurring in 2003, I received them in the PAM. Gnesinyh the department of folk song, where I continue to learn and to this day. "

Composer, multi-Andrianovich Artem Vorobiev was born in August 4, 1979 in Tselinograd, in the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan.
"In the middle of the twentieth century, my ancestors went to explore new ground. So I came fanned prairie winds. In 1986 our family moved to near Moscow Fryazino, where in 1987 I enrolled in music school - a specialty accordion. Later, as a teenager, became fascinated by guitar case.This has become my profession for a long time. In around 2000, I was greatly interested in ethnic areas in music. The idea to create a team, unusual for its sound performance for the traditional folk music. Naturally, the ethnic direction was chosen Slav - have decided to take the songs of the earth on which we walk.
The trouble did not come alone - for lack of specialists had to try a couple of times to blow into the pipes. The experiment was a chronic disease with the acquisition of a second specialty, and a collection of ancient wind instruments peoples of the world.
In 2002 appeared a group of "Indrik-Beast." Many times, changed the composition of the team, searched and still looking for an original sound, but it seems like something we have obtained. To date, it seems to me, I work with some of the most advanced and truly professional young musicians, so all we have ahead. "

Drummer Mikhail Yudin was born January 25, 1976 in Shatura Moscow region.
"Without being able to realize themselves as desired in any one project, we so easily succumb to the entreaties and agrees to all sorts of provocation, especially with the filing of the familiar characters to us!
The result - for almost 3 years, as I participate in a group with such a strange name, incidentally, which I do not like.
I have a fad: the best accompaniment of singers (singers), thank God, such manifest in my life, I have something to compare and it is the main and decisive factor.
I see a group of great potential. Expect from their colleagues the same dedication and wish them patience. "

As recognized by Mikhail Yudin, there are also a child of the project: "We act also as a part of the first Moscow bagpipe band, where are promoting non-commercial purposes alien to the Russian people of Scottish culture and make it almost free." On the ensemble of pipers, see this material.

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