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King Kong Peter Jackson: the monster is able to conquer the world

December 7 2005

December 14 in the world rolled out the film "King Kong" Oscar winner, directed by "Lord of the Rings" Peter Jackson. About this movie has a lot said about her hodilo an incredible amount of rumors. But of all the array "credible" preliminary information only true one - a huge ribbon budget surpasses $ 200 million.

In general, for many years in Hollywood only a few big budget films and long have been able to bring profit to its creators. In this series, the leader of the Rings ", filmed by Jackson. We can therefore assume that the company Universal Pictures did not have miscalculated and made a bet, creating a new image of the legendary gorilla-monster on a New Zealander - masters of many hours of epics.


In this film, Jackson is not only a filmmaker but also as a producer and co-writer. Tape is taken as the basis in 1933, to perpetuate the image of a giant ape on the roof of the Empire State Building. " As acknowledged by the director himself, this is the film once completely turned his mind and made the turn onto a cinematic way.

"I first saw" King Kong "when I was eight or nine years - says the director. - It has appeared on television in New Zealand. And the picture has made me such a powerful impression that it was after this show, I decided to become a filmmaker. I thought: "I want also to make a movie. I want to do the same movies as "King Kong". That such an effect is produced. "

From the original plot, so shook him, Jackson took only the best items to flavor their-art special effects to spice added great actors who have already received recognition demanding European and American critics. The resulting cocktail might well potentially "blow up" the world's theaters.


In the courtyard in 1933. The Great Depression. Young actress Ann Darrow vaudeville (Naomi Watts) left without a livelihood. But fate sends her a chance - a meeting with the eccentric obsessed filmmaker Carl Denhemom. Above him, too, were in danger - on his new masterpiece of a film studio refused and the fate of the decisive moment. Karl believes in his luck and his crew believe that the shooting will take place in Singapore ... but the director just al ugie plans - to get to the mysterious Skull Island.

Unfortunately for the director's actress, who was supposed to play the main character, refused to shoot, and he urgently needs to find a girl who wears the clothes of the same size - all the costumes for the heroine ready. And then he encounters on the street with Anne. The young actress is not particularly believe Karl, but he pronounces the sacred name for it screenwriter Jack Driscoll (Adrien Brody). Ann gives up.

During the journey the characters get on the same island that is inhabited by the natives, worshiping the only surviving gorilla-monster. These creatures have rituals, according to which they sacrificed to their god girls. Monster gladly take a gift to squeal with horror toys. Enough have a good laugh, a giant ape simply breaks the girls into small pieces. Ann seemed to natives of the island a suitable candidate for sacrifice "deity."

But her desire to survive and to resist the conquered animal. At a time when it is re-shoot the angry giant was ready to kill her, Anne Ave ihodit in the head to show him his skills acquired as far back as vaudeville.That such behavior monkey face has not had to - it is with interest the unusual victim ....

On the way its members now and then there are dwelling on the untouched island of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

But one of the most spectacular scenes was the battle of King Kong and loathsome toothy monsters who tried to eat a beautiful woman, win the heart of the monkey. "One of the most" because in the final of the legendary Jackson recreated the scene on a skyscraper ....

Starring Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretchmann, Colin Hanks, Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis as Kong. Composer James Newton Howard. Visual effects specialist Joe Letteri. Grim and miniatures - Richard Taylor. Mounting Jamie Selkirk, ACE, production designer Grant Major, operator Andrew Lesnie, ACS, ASC. Co-producer Philippa Boyens. Produced by Jan Blenkin, Carolyn Cunningham, Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson. Screenplay Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens and Peter Jackson. Directed by Peter Jackson.

See the galleries: the amorous adventures of King Kong (Pictures)

"I hope that viewers will enjoy and feel emotionally involved in what happens on the screen. It seems to me that contemporary cinema has to be not only entertaining, - says Peter Jackson. - I believe that it is entertaining element must be the first concern of the creators of movies, but if you can make an emotional impact, make them think and feel - it's great. I hope this film does not leave you indifferent to the fate of the characters and the Congo - despite the fact that we tried to make it a very noble, fierce and terrible gorilla. But I hope that you will feel an emotional connection with him and feel the tragedy of the story ... because that's what - the heart of the film. "

In the film, with all its grandeur and entertainment is actually a lot of lyrical, pinching points. But they do not overburden the spectacle - not turn it into a mournful story. In this tape are done accurately and to the point, comic dialogues, crowning a very dramatic scene, it is not strained.

On this film you can tell much, but it is better to just watch, because it is - a masterpiece. But there is still a "but" ... Well, can not in Hollywood without his traditional "widgets", without final insanely clever frazochek, which are often simply cross out all of your movie experience. Arises when an ellipsis is placed bullet ...

Whatever it was, yet I want to say "Bravo, Mr. Jackson, bravo!"
Let me remind you that the film is Peter Jackson's "King Kong" comes out in theaters on December 14.

Stills from the film, as well as shooting moments here.

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