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Gangsta Rap: Music truscheb, leading up to murder

October 7 2005

April 11, 1992 in Jackson County, between the towns of Edna and Victoria there was cruel and cold-blooded, and most importantly completely unmotivated murder. The young man was driving with no headlights. He was stopped by a police officer, 18-year-old quietly got out of his car and riddled with bullets minister of law and order. Later at the trial lawyers have assured the judges that the killer was in a kind of affect after prolonged listening to music in the style of gangsta rap - the songs were calls to kill police officers.

According to the defendant, at that moment he heard the track "Soulja's Story" Tupac Shakur, which talked about how police mocked blacks: a reminder of the unrest in 1996, when a videotape beating Rodney King.

"He grew up in the ghetto and disliked police, as they are, these rappers were his idols ... they said to him: if you have driven, simply press the trigger. It affected him. This was an exceptional justifiable defense, "- said the lawyer of the accused.

As protection urged the authorities to pay close attention to the whole rap scene, which calls to violence and violence against the police, reports the AP.

Musical direction Gangsta Rap started to develop in the mid-80's, based hardcore rap. It differed tough sound and high volume. Texts were an accurate reflection of reality, often a few romanticized. But, nevertheless, this area became the most successful in commercial terms in the history of hip-hop since the late 80's to early 90's. In the course of its development style face serious obstacles in the face of some conservative organizations.

This brief, but consider the detailed history of this controversial trend.

Year 1987. In the South Bronx killed DJ Scott LaRock, and in Los Angeles has finally there is a tendency for the most extreme lyrics of rap songs-gangsta rap. Rudiments of his hatch in the early 80's, when it became incredibly popular theme of hatred for the police and white but that with the advent of 87-year, this area finally became an independent musical style. This year, Ice T, recording his debut album Rhyme Pays - the clearest example of gangsta rap, has received the status of "gold". At the same time leave a few more albums like orientation.

Year 1988. Went the other truly revolutionary (and incidentally platinum) disc - "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back" Public Enemy. This monumental work had wide public resonance, and "Don 't Believe The Hype" from the album became a true anthem of the youth vosmedisyatyh - nineties. Along with the release of this album was really rap, not only music but also a powerful political weapon. Four of Long Island began to talk about socially relevant issues, imperfect construction of American society and the justice system, that black teenagers slain in the streets, in the end that the ancestors of today's residents of Queens and the Bronx were not just slaves, but the kings and queens. With the advent of "public enemies" in rap music okrylis brand new, almost no one uncharted expanses of the lyrics - the socio-political ...

1989. Group NWA released the album "Straight Outta Compton", in record time, becoming the "gold". The role of this disk in NWA and creativity in general, for gang-hop the West Coast can only be compared with the influence of The Beatles on the rock or Marvin Gaye on the soul.Straight Outta Compton - not even the classics, the Bible is just a criminal rap. In addition, the group served as a "launching pad" for rappers, now famous for his solo career - Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E and MC Ren. FBI, carefully listening to the album and especially the song "Fuck The Police", sends police chiefs preduprelitelnye notes and lyrics, calling her "a shining example of excitation of aggressive feelings in the black gangs, keep at bay the streets of Los Angeles." NWA just commented on the situation - "Our next drive will be called" Fuck FBI ".

1991. In the 91st Public Enemy and unforgettable hairy metallers Anthrax released the single "Bring The Noise" 88-year in the modern, rap-metal processing. This version is liking the audience much more than the original and finally cemented the relationship between black and white rap "metal".

1992. Dr. Dre produces multi-platinum album "The Chronic", telling about the gangster lifestyle and overloaded foul language, aggression and weapons as a multi-ton cruiser. At this point in the rap starts new era - nakleechka "Parents note: Strong lyrics" appears on almost every hop record, and fans are beginning to monitor the success of their idols on reports from the courtroom - rappers charged with almost the entire penal code - from keeping a few grams drugs, to armed robberies and murders.

However, the killing of this year, forcing the U.S. government to think seriously about their future own children. Since everyone in America has a tendency to mass.

Their views on the rollicking music and its performers expressed the mindless party band "Oasis" Noel Gallagher. He believes that modern hip-hop culture is mired in selfishness and depravity.

"What is now being touted as a hip-hop-R & B - terribly bad, - says Gallagher. - Besides the clothes they wear, and all these "me, me, me ..." and "yes I will f ..." Relax, a bunch of idiots. "

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