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To establish a world record, "Mona Lisa" slash and razed to the tiles

October 7 2005

In Moscow, set a world record for ... folding puzzles. Unusual nature of this record is that with tile mosaic was made available a copy of the works of Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa". The size of each piece of the puzzle 42 by 33 inches, weight - 4,5 kg. Measurements of experts from the "Record Book of Russia" amounted to 3.93 meters by 6 meters, which eventually gave the 23.58 square meter total area.

Mona Lisa is painted frame, so in this case the area of pattern measured by the surface area painted moldings, which became part of the overall image. Puzzle consists of 234 pieces (tile tiles): 18 vertical and 13 horizontal. The total weight of the picture was more than a ton! To be more precise - 1053 Kgs.

The world's biggest puzzle

The world's biggest puzzle ever offered for sale was made in the German city Ravensburgera. The most voluminous of the world puzzle consists of, 18000 small pieces, while keeping the assembled dimensions 2.76 x 1.92 meters (ie the area a little more than 5 square meters). Weight of the puzzle in a box - 9.2 kilograms (package size - 49 x 35 x 18 cm). Picture puzzle is a picture of the four ancient maps. This puzzle is sold now and in Russia and is worth about five thousand.

The world's longest puzzle
Record was set on September 27, 2004 residents of a German town, a total of about 7,000 people. Among the stories - lyrical landscapes and scenes from Disney animated films and scenes from movies. "Autumn Forest" side by side with the "Winnie the Pooh" and "The Matrix". Finished work glued to the total leaf and covered with cellophane, so as not to get wet from the rain.

Record fell in five hours. Under the terms of Guinness World Records, the length of the puzzle was supposed to exceed one kilometer. City residents showed unprecedented enthusiasm and exceeded the plan. Their result - 1235 meters. Longest in the world "assembly" has covered the main street Kenigsbrona and wrapped in several lanes. City pride was evident from the windows of every house.

Prepared material for the new record Russian artist Mikhail Novokschenny, who spent at work 5 days.

-Why the tiles, because according to tradition puzzles - made of cardboard?

Actually, I have long been working in painting, but mostly it was the walls and ceilings. When I was offered the shingles, I easily agreed to, as a consequence very sorry - it was not so easy as I thought - it's still a kind of monumental art. A little thought, I have decided to not do an exact copy of the great works of Leonardo.

- Why did the Mona Lisa?

Firstly, it is a symbolic thing - in order to create it, I once again turned to the creation of Dan Brown (author of the controversial book "The Da Vinci Code", as well as a slightly different look at the picture itself. This, in my opinion, very sacred thing.

- How do you think, goes a great work of the great masters and shingles?

Externally, it is not compatibility, but at the same time, it is a conceptual art.

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