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Quick and tasty: we prepare for the joy of friends and girlfriends are surprisingly

July 7 2005

As always, the law of meanness, had not you sit down at home, turn off the phone to rest, as friends zakadyki already bursting at the door. They'll want you to see it today. Moreover, friends can not wait to drink beer with you. Where to go, frankly, you and myself happy to see them.

On your cozy kitchen is bright seated noisy company: someone uncork a beer, and someone cleans vobla. All is good, but the whole gang will want to have half an hour. In order to honor out of the situation and to confirm its status as the hospitable owner, you need to quickly cook up something, preferably a tasty and satisfying. Half an hour would be sufficient, provided that the hand has all the necessary ingredients. If not, then you need to throw another twenty minutes for a hike to the nearest market.

Given that you are sitting in the kitchen five bright people, you will need: chicken, (stuff eight breast halves, without skin, of course), three large tomatoes, an eggplant, half a dozen medium-sized potatoes, a piece of cheese on two hundred grams, mayonnaise and blend of seasonings for chicken curry. Next, begin to cook.

Fillet should be cleaned with cold water to clean the knife on the film and cut into strips an inch wide three. Then put them in a bowl, seasoning to flavor the eye, but not to overdo it, stir and leave to marinate.

Wash your eggplant and cut into circles. Send them in a container with water so as not darkened. Let swim yet. You also need to cut circles tomatoes. Peel potatoes, chop it into thin slices. Now you need to rub the cheese and more. In principle, the preparatory phase has passed, it takes about ten minutes.

To get the pan from the oven and grease it with butter. At this point it is already possible to include a 250-degree oven to warmed himself. Evenly stacked on top of chicken. Then you need to put a layer of aubergines. The next layer are circles of tomatoes. Then a layer of potatoes. All this wealth of falling asleep with grated cheese and fill with mayonnaise, but do not overdo it, and then it all sink. Evenly distribute the mayonnaise, you can use a regular table spoon.

Close your baking sheet foil zaschipyvaesh edge and slides into the oven. All you can relax and join the beer session. Half an hour later when a wonderful aroma, languishing in the oven, dishes zaschekochet nostrils can be sure of its availability. To finally bring to mind the company must remove the foil and leave the pan in the oven for another five minutes. Then zapechetsya cheese and turn into a nice crust.

Now you can get the pan, and the resulting chicken with vegetables and cheese spread on plates. People will moan with delight, and thank your magical gift of cooking. Verified by experience, this course helps to easily get-together of four or five people see out the kitchen from 11 pm until morning. Instead of fillets, you can use chicken legs, thighs, all that fancy enough.

As a bonus, another recipe that will help you win her heart and win the confidence of the future mother in law. You go to the market and buy it a piece of trout or salmon. I like trout. A piece of approximately pounds. Fish should be already cleaned, but better to ask the seller to cut it into four or five steaks. You buy a lot of greens: two large bundle of dill and parsley. Home turn on the oven as well as for cooking chicken to 250 degrees. While she was a stoker, you cut greens. Finely chop (just cut and not embossed) clove of garlic.Throws fresh herbs and garlic in a bowl, stir and add soy sauce to taste. He instead of salt will be. Mix and give the green sauce soak up (excess, by the way, will not be absorbed, but will remain at the bottom of the basin).

You take a large sheet of foil with a long tail. The tail will instead cover. Generously spread her quilt of green mixture. Top steaks and lay on top yet again generously sprinkle the remaining herbs. Slipped this simple operation, you close the top with foil and zaschipyvaesh edge.

Turned out the alien species design pat on baking sheet and place in oven twenty minutes or thirty. After the specified time, remove the pan, throw the fish on plates and surprise his partner heart. Success is guaranteed. The fact that the trout is delicious by itself and it is hard to ruin, except that retain moisture. But the foil will help you avoid such misunderstandings.

Bon Appetit, and to be continued.

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