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In pursuit of millions of men will embark on the "hairpin"

April 6 2006

Only real men have become parties to this show. Past contest as one were able to overcome all obstacles: running around with a gun, bending horseshoes, to conquer the mountain tops and even eat the larvae of flies.

However, a task that had to do, proved much more difficult, they would turn into ... women!

Within three weeks, participants forbidden to watch football and drink alcohol. Instead, they were obliged to apply daily makeup and doing hair.

In the first stage of heroes sent to a beauty salon. They removed all body hair, shaved his beard and mustache, a manicure and pedicure, make up, picked up the wigs and costumes.

Footage from the show "real man"

Stylists, vocal coach and etiquette taught men graceful gait heels and graceful gestures.

Already on the second stage, men were required to almost completely transform into women. On a date with a famous actor, they should have been flashing a "female logic" and make "star" at least for a moment forget that at a table in a restaurant in front of him sits a man.

Next, the participants waited School young mothers. The body of heroes built a high-tech overhead bellies simulating the weight and size of the stomach women in the ninth month of pregnancy. At the same time they needed to run the household. Afterwards, the participants prepared a "simple" exam. They "were given to the hands of children aged 4-5 years and was asked to walk with them, fed and put to bed. The winner of this competition is the one whose baby soon fell asleep.

After that, a cooker, a campaign to market for groceries and cooking dinner for many participants seemed a little break. Although the task was not simple - it needed to bake a meat pie. But before you come to the plate, men had to personally make themselves aprons.

Each week, members voted - who they want to throw the game. The two candidates with the highest number of votes "to depart" appeared before the judges: the famous Russian artists and editors of glossy magazines. The judges have decided - who of the two nominees will leave the game.

He, whom the judge decides to leave the game, got the right to "patsansky" vacation. He was allowed to go to a bar, sauna, hunting, fishing or other "masculine" position. With a one could take one of his comrades on the game

Reached the final three lucky people were to answer the difficult question: "What is new you get about men being a woman?" The best response is estimated at 1 million rubles. This is the grand prize.

Premiere format (English version of the name He's a Lady) was held in October 2004 in the United States. Now, this program comes with success in the UK and the USA. The program is produced under license by Target Entertainment.

Show "real man" will be published on Friday 14 April at 20.00 on TNT.

Константин Дятлов

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