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Jokes ... (March 6, 2009 Issue 1)

March 6 2009

Dogs are better than women?
The dog allows you to play with other dogs.
The dog understands that you are her boss.
The dog likes to come to your friends.
The dog thinks you're wonderful singing.
The dog likes rough play.
The dog likes it when you leave a bunch of things on the floor.
The dog will appreciate the excessive vegetation on your body.
Like a dog, if you fondle her in public.
The dog finds you funny if you're a lord drunk.
The dog 10 boobs.
The dog did not give value, if you call it by another name.
The dog does not take the time your shirt.
The dog did not give value, if you give someone her puppy.
The dog is not waiting for your call when you are late.
The dog does not go shopping.
The dog does not want to know anything about the subject of your hobbies.
The dog does not cry.
The dog likes it when you shoot her collar.
The dog would agree that you raise your voice to emphasize
their case.
The dog understands that instincts are better than valuable guidance.
Rare dog you will survive.
The location of the dog in the house never changes.
A dog's parents never come.
The dog spends in the bathroom in seconds.
When the dog is old and will snarl at you continuously,
you can it put to sleep.
Legally keep the dog in the house-bound.
You never wait for a dog. She's ready to go with you 24 hours
per day.
The later you go, the more the dog is glad to see you.
-------------------------------------------------- --------
Than women and the dogs look like?
And they both look stupid in hats.
And they both look good in a wool coat.
And they both attach too much importance to tenderness.
Those and others can eat two pounds of chocolate in one sitting.
And they both have a tendency to hypochondria.
And they are both constantly want to be scratching her back.
Those and other all kind show that listening to each
your word.
Will never understand football.
Never understand that silence - gold.
Never guess what they have in mind.
-------------------------------------------------- --------
Policeman stops a driver:
- I wish you health, inspection of documents. Thus, the documents are in order ...
And show your medicine cabinet ... So, first aid kit in order ... etc.
When checked all that is possible, the driver asked:
- So what? Once everything is in order, so I can go?
- Ride ... once you have no conscience ...
-------------------------------------------------- --------
Beer - liquid bread. Vodka - liquid meat. I'll go make sandwiches ...
-------------------------------------------------- --------
Gibddshnik sleep due:
Wife calms:
- An empty, empty ...
-------------------------------------------------- --------
Man comes into the shop and says:
- Me, pzhalsta, condom fifth the size!
- Sorry, but we have such a large no, you need to go to Georgia!
Nothing to do, he went to Georgia, there comes to the pharmacy.
- Me, pzhalsta, one fifth the size of a condom!
- Gogi adyn detsky!

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