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"Pride and Prejudice": puzzling passions of old England

December 5 2005

Jane Austen to their romanticism, wisdom, spirit of good old England is often embodied on the screen, but a little attention deprived producers of large format films. But director Joe Wright still picked up a screen version of one of her most famous works - "Pride and Prejudice." In the starring rising star of world cinema Keira Knightley.

Story of love and misunderstanding unfolds in the XVIII century. Five sisters Bennet - Elizabeth, or Lizzie (Keira Knightley), Jane (Rosamund Pike), Lydia (Jena Malone), Mary (Tulula Riley) and Kitty (Carey Mulligan), from childhood to know that their mother (Brenda Blethyn), obsessed by the fact to find them suitable husbands, thereby ensuring their future. However, Elizabeth, soulful and intelligent girl who does not want to live all your life behind her husband, she wants a broader perspective. Her loving father (Donald Sutherland), she indulges in every possible way in this desire.

When a neighboring estate settles a rich bachelor Mr. Bingley (Simon Woods), Bennett deploying active in zapolucheniyu it in the family. This can be beneficial to both sides - have a new neighbor a lot of friends in the highest circle of London, among which may be very respectable for a party of five sisters. The oldest Shai of them, the beautiful Jane, the pains to win the heart of Mr. Bingley. And Lizzie meets a handsome snob Mr. Darcy (Matthew MacFadyen). So begins the battle of the sexes.

They often meet and animatedly talking, but nothing happens. With the support of his father, Lizzie to the dismay of her mother's rejection of marriage proposal of his distant cousin, Mr. Collins (Tom Hollander). When Bingley abruptly departs for London, Jane falls into despair, and Lizzie accuses Mr Darcy in the fact that this is because of him. In the cycle of passion is involved youngest sister Lydia soon opens Lizzie that her eyes to the true nature of her relationship with Mr. Darcy.

This whole affair Spin violate the peaceful life of all members of a British family of Bennett and makes each of them to understand what is most important to them. "Pride and Prejudice." Cast: Keira Knightley, Matthew Makfedien, Brenda Blethyn, Donald Sutherland, Tom Hollander, Rosamund Pike, Jena Malone, and Judi Dench. Dario Marianelli Music. On the novel by Jane Austen. Screenplay by Deborah Moggach. Producers Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Paul Webster. Directed by Joe Wright.

Film production

According to this novel several times filmed series, but feature film was shot only once - 65 years ago. Starring then performed the legendary Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson.

And now, in the early 21 th century, he again returns to the screens. Generally it is believed that "historical confrontation" Lizzie and Darcy served as the basis for the story of many contemporary romantic comedies, in particular, both versions of the films Bridget Jones.

Screenwriter Deborah Moggach, who herself writes novels, said: "I tried to be faithful to the book, which has an impeccable three-act structure, so I have little to me there. This old story - a romance between two people who think they hate each other, but in fact they are passionately fond of each other. Bennet girls really need to get married, otherwise they face poverty. Contemporary audience, they seem to be quite well off, so we had to convey to her the idea. Yes, they live in a big house with loving parents, they have a carriage and servants - but if they do not find a successful party, they would end their lives in poverty, despised by his own class. "

ozdateli movie decided to shoot it entirely in England, to follow the characters into the house and the house. The shooting continued for eleven weeks. Groombridge, mansion of the seventeenth century, was chosen to "role" at home Bennett. Besides him, in the film "shot" a few more English manor with a very glorious and long history.

Group worked on the film, tried as best as possible to pass the age of the characters. "In the old film, Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson were thirty, so that the whole experience of first love is smeared," - says producer PolUebster.

Elizabeth Bennet was a sort of icon for generations of girls. Keira Knightley describes it as "a dream of every girl." In this case, Joe Wright admits: "Originally, I did not think about how to choose a beauty, as Kira. I was looking for feminine, colorful and difficult girl. I decided that with Lizzie Bennet is very difficult to live, she asks too many questions. But when I met Keira, I realized that it is precisely this. She has a lively mind and a great sense of humor. She never ceased to amaze me at the time of filming. What we look for in an actor? Originality of thought, dedication and ability to listen to others. Cyrus has done it all successfully and worked hard. "

Knightley perfectly aware of all the difficulties of translating such a heroine. "It was hard to get into this role - she says. - This is one of the best girls' heroines. If you, as an actress, are invited to play Lizzie, it is impossible to refuse. But it's scary, because when you read a novel, there is a feeling that it is yours, at least, I was so, and all so that everyone knows what needs to be Elizabeth Bennet. It was a tremendous task.

Jane Austen herself said that her book is too flippant. She felt that the relationship between Jane and Elizabeth insufficiently realistic. We have brought to the film realism, which is not much in the book, the idea that they are two sisters who lived together for a long time slept in one bed. They sometimes irritate each other, but generally have a mutual love, protect each other and share the challenges and joys. "

The film comes out in cinemas in Russia on Jan. 12, 2006.

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