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Jokes ... (July 5, 2009 Issue 3)

July 5 2009

The importance of time.
To understand the significance of the year, pogovo.pite with a student, do not pass the session.
To understand the significance of the month, pogovo.pite a woman podivshey
premature pebenka.
To understand the significance of the week, with pogovo.pite pedaktopom weekly
To understand the significance minutes pogovo.pite with those who missed the train.
To understand the significance of a second, got in with pogovo.pite avtokatastpofu.
To understand the significance of milliseconds, pogovo.pite with a runner, ppishedshim
vto.poy in the Olympic race.
On the nanosecond spposite ppoektipovschika hapdvepa.
If you still do not understand the value of TIME OF, one of you will
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Message in the Chinese press: The large-scale military maneuvers
were worked out methods of warfare against conventional
opponent. According to the results of the teachings of "Yellow" won the "White".
-------------------------------------------------- ----
When I was in the army, of course, get tight. Sometimes, just
became unbearable. In the mask is almost suffocating, back machine
beats shirt though Squeeze, boots full of sweat, and his wife of Colonel
all would not give up!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Headache tablets, dandruff shampoo, tie from Versace ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
There are two friends. One says:
- Count up, I met the girl of my dreams and we got married!
- And show me her photo!
Looks in surprise:
- And this is the girl of your dreams?
- You see, when I dreamed I was depressed.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- I do not believe in women's soccer. Well, where to find 11 women willing to
appear in public dressed alike?
-------------------------------------------------- ----
The pharmacy lady breaks with the cry:
- What kind of toothpaste you gave me yesterday? This is not a paste, and the net
- What's the difference, ma'am? All the same, you'll spit it ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Doctor, you know, my wife comes to the ridiculous.
- So what?
- And here on - no way.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Look, there is the cover girl is lame.
- Yes, this is a complication of tooth decay!
- Damage to the base legs!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Honey, when you called me an ostrich, then what you had in mind?
- What are you shy away from and hide your head in the sand!
- And I thought you liked my household! ..

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