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Zombies are: the truth about the living dead

July 5 2005

In fact, they are still there. Only they are not as ominous as the films of George Romero, and not as mobile as in the latest Hollywood blockbusters such as "Resident Evil". They - this is a zombie. Their homeland of Haiti, but who knows, maybe zombies roam among us.

Practice of "zombies" in Haiti brought the priests of the cult "Voodoo" and the descendants of black slaves - of African descent.

Rite turning an honest man in the street in a zombie accident consists of murder and the subsequent return of man to life. To this end, the victim is mixed into the food poison, made from fish-toothed. This is a powerful nerve poison, according to the degree of defeat in five hundred times greater than the action of potassium cyanide.

Tasted the cake with the poison, the person ceases to breathe, he stekleneyut eyes, azure surface of the body, there comes a clinical death. After a couple of days, the body is "dead" steal from the cemetery to bring back to life. So the person becomes a zombie. Being unconscious, one's own ego and meaningless stare.

These practices are confirmed by the official facts. So in 1966, died a lady by the name of Joseph Natagetta. Her death is recorded in the local police department. But six years later the villagers greeted her in the vicinity of the village.

Another lady met her own husband at one of the plantations, however, three years before that, he buried his wife, and her death has been documented by the authorities.

Zombies at risk of becoming physically strong man , which can be used as a slave, for example, in sugar cane plantations. Haitians traditionally afraid of such a sad outcome, so try to include in the funeral ritual actions that prevent theft of the deceased. If suspicions arise, the dead man turned face down, or give him a hand knife. In some areas, do not give a knife and a broom with palm embedded in her special fetishes.

Interestingly, the voodoo priests consider it possible to return the rights to life, even nine days after his death.

A similar ritual is practiced by Australian aborigines. There, the situation is even more sinister way. Sorcerer steals a regularly scheduled person. Putting it on the left side, he plunges into the heart of the victim sharpened stick or bone. When the heart stops, according to the natives, the soul leaves the body. After that, the sorcerer returns to human life and orders him to forget about what happened. A man returns home and does nothing it does not remember turning into a walking body.

However, strange events are not limited to remote and exotic destinations. A couple of years ago, the media literally seethed reports of people with a lost memory, which are in Russia and CIS. Rather they found themselves suddenly incorporated into a reality, while hundreds of miles from his home without money and documents, and most importantly with no memory of the past. In this case, the relatives have long been desperate to find them.

Such cases dealt with in detail television program "Look for me". Explanation of this phenomenon has not been found, but the conjectures are different: from alien abductions to the test on the latest casualties of psychotropic drugs.

So the zombies - it's not fiction science fiction, but a harsh reality.And returning to the dark side streets home after watching the regular horror stories about the living dead in a movie theater, it makes sense to have a pair of eyes at the back. You never know what ...

The horrors of everyday life: the mystery of 25-th frame.

Константин Дятлов

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