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Jokes ... (May 5, 2009 Issue 3)

May 5 2009

- Kakova fopma earth?
- Kpyglaya.
- A HOW IT'S dokazat?
- Pyct kvadpatnaya will be played, I DO NOT nactaivayu.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Ten Commandments of the programmer.

1) There is a plus, but a plus, but the C plus plus - the flat of the benefits!
2) Honor your operating system and its developers are not high, for them, and without
You ikaetsya. And then he will become so.
3) You byte system, but if the bytes will be deprived of their bits, as he again
become a byte?
4) If you have a hacker stole a file, send him another two on the E-mail. In your
Directory srodu nothing good vodilos, and the shallow warm soul spam.
5) If you magnify a hacker friends, please know that you are lamer, because this
Hacker is not visible, not audible, and he does not have any friends other than a computer.
6) Do not steal someone else's program. And why do you other people's bugs, if you are on their
do not know how to get rid of?
7) If a new computer offend thee, upgrade the old one. For better
lose a small amount of bucks, than a large and a small tune
system than to rearrange all the software on a large.
8) If the wife is in conflict with the computer, and cast his wife. For the computer feeds
You satisfies and entertains better. A wife can pick up a new
browse a site of acquaintances.
9) Thou shalt love thy neighbor, but through the Internet. For AIDS, it is still
no one is infected.
10) Better computer may be just beer, but not a hindrance.

Keepeth the commandment so be saved, and his soul after death
continue to eternal life, finding peace and delight in the vast virtual
gardens of computer networks.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
The girl was admitted to the medical school and lives in a dormitory. When she arrived
to her mother for the holidays, my mother asked:
- Daughter, you're living in a hostel with free like the way you
fighting off the crowds?
- Very simply, Mom! Those whom I want to scare away, I show my
cat and say that she castrated him!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
A girl sits at night in a passing car.
- Well, all right now I will rape and kill.
- Nothing will come of it, I remembered the license plate number!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Ppikaz of an enterprise: "... in connection with tpaypom, ppikazyvayu pepevesti
All monitopy in the regime chepno-white izobpazheniya ... "
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Zdpavstvyyte, Mrs. Rybashvili, I would like your son ppiglasit
on pybalky, if you will?
- I have no son, y I have a daughter and my name is not Rybashvili,
and іbashvili!
- Hy yzh otkpovenno so I do not want you govopit!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Gingerbread Man goes on Mepsedese from dedyshki with babyshkoy.
- Wait a minute, but then y him no pyk or legs not. What did he yppavlyaet?
- Yes hpen knows. Hy, dopystim - Bank ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Look, boss, this cheese I bought from you yesterday ...
- Yes, but what is it?
- You said that he was Swiss.
- Yes.
- It is from there imported or deported?
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Mom: (whispering)
- Vovochka, your grandfather is very sick, and tell him something encouraging.
- Grandpa, would you like to play at your funeral military band?

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