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Konstantin Murzenko: ordinary "fascists" from the "Brother-2"

May 5 2005

If you watched "Brother-2", you are unsure of Fascists, haggling weapons-remains of the Second World War. Those who are "sorry, very quickly dismantled." As Leonid armor made notes in the human portrait of Gestapo chief Mueller, Konstantin Murzenko is personally responsible for the new "nestrashny" image "black diggers". On the eve of Victory Day, we call Murzenko to figure out how he managed such a powerful insight into the image.

- How do you think your a fascist "Brat-2" - a cult character?

- No, of course. No particular excitement about the Fashist I have not noticed. Balabanov invited me to play this amusing role, and I agreed. It's just one day of my life. And the character of fascist left it very quickly, I do not consider this role and in general the subject of great importance.

- Nevertheless, a charismatic character. Worth at least a phrase: "Sometimes ..." At the heart cats scratched to play such a callous man? Many in fact at war someone died ...

- It's an honest sentence. Everyone knows that in war people die. To do this, she invented. If the war were not killed, it would have been no war, but the game Zarnitsa. This man is simply saying the natural thing, as if he had said that the sky is blue and the gray asphalt. All of this exists.

- How do you treat a man whose arms in peacetime?

- If a person has a weapon ... How wonderful about this Kurt Vonnegut put it, "the very existence of weapons already makes us murderers." If the weapon is, it exists to kill. As rightly expressed some sort of hero Sergio Leone: "If you came to shoot, so shoot." If you are up in arms embarks on a rant, then die himself.

- What do you think about today's fascists?

- In fact, even my hero a fascist and be nicknamed, it is nothing to do with fascism as such has no weapons except the rarity and vintage coats. And it does not make such an impression!

- Do you like movies about the war?

- I love good movies. If they are about the war ... There are very good films about the war and are very good movies about the Nazis. And there are some very bad movies ... dancers, for example. I generally like movies quiet chamber. A movie about the war usually noisy, with tanks, my temperament for such does not have.

- And yet, there you have favorite pictures about the war?

- Sure. "20 Days Without War" Alexis Herman.

- Tell me, if you will be offered a major role in the "war" movie, you'll agree?

- I choose the style and drama. And yet, for some things but not on this criterion. I can not say so ... a film about the war. Let them take the script! In principle, I will not give up on anything, except, perhaps, hard porn.

- How do you treat people who are now trying to recover the memory of those people who died anonymously? To search groups who seek out the remains of the soldiers and return them names?

- Honestly, I did not belong to them. I sometimes read about it in newspapers, but very few know about it. Perhaps this is someone you need.


Fascist: Well, I can suggest, gentlemen? The five megapixel, four, Walter. All shoot.
Daniel: Hey, where all of this?
Nazis: Echoes of War "

Daniel: And I have my grandfather died in the war.
It happens ... "

Personal data

Konstantin Murzenko, b. 1969 Education - a journalist. Hobbies - judo.

The second generation of moviegoers said Murzenko cult. The first - for his film "Mama, Do not Cry." Second - for "Mama, Do not Cry" and the fascists of the "Brother-2".

Worked as a journalist (specialization - the movie), a medical orderly in the ambulance, a DJ on the radio (Seen in the promotion of techno and chanson).

Is the author of scripts for films M. Pezhemskogo "Hard Time" (1996) and "Mama Do not Cry" (1998), S. Vinogradov, "Ghoul" (1997), Igor Makarov, "The body will be buried, a senior midshipman will sing "(1998).

As an actor starred in "Brat-2" by A. Balabanov, "In Motion" by F. Jankowski, "The sky. Aircraft. Girl MV tower.

In 2001 Murzenko directed the movie "April".


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