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Jokes ... (March 5, 2009 Issue 1)

March 5 2009

14 signs that you're watching TV series
and this series - Latin America:
1. Can be viewed from any series.
2. The main heroine is poor from birth or unjustly deprived
3. She loses virginity in the first images of the film or worn
with it like a chicken and egg, as is its unique richness.
4. If she loses her virginity, make sure the hay. In the extreme
case - with outings.
5. There are always very bad and very good characters.
6. Actors love to be ill with rare, often incurable
diseases such as cancer (now in vogue AIDS).
7. We actors are often memory loss, sudden
pregnancy, unexpected childbirth (pregnancy have not noticed)
getting into a car accident before the wedding and other special events,
coma, paralysis, a miscarriage.
8. Illnesses have unexpected feature samoizlechivatsya.
9. Actors at all times stand on the brink of incest
as are all brothers and sisters, lovers, fathers and children.
Moreover, often have no idea about it.
10. They are all good Catholics.
11. Even if the heroine 70 years and this is her 6 th wedding, she get up
in a white dress with orange blossom.
12. The wedding will not take place if the series show only a few
13. Semiliterate character may suddenly very successful in business.
14. None of the secret can not tell anyone
he was not overheard.
One sign that this is - "Santa Barbara".
You were not at home for 8 years, you come back, but ... "everything is just beginning."
-------------------------------------------------- --------
There are two pensioners. One asks another:
- How are you?
Other answers:
- Like a moth.
- How?
- Yes that's eaten a jacket, pants are eating now.
-------------------------------------------------- --------
The girl on reception at the gynecologist. He:
- Honey, everything is fine, just explain why you Spirals
in the neck??
- A-aa ... This is my innate, doctor.
-------------------------------------------------- --------
If the first attempt did not work - hence, skydiving
not for you!
-------------------------------------------------- --------
Razgovapivayut two dpyga:
- My mother-in-law - a remarkable woman. Every day I love
her more and more. Zavtpa finally arrived 40 days ...
-------------------------------------------------- --------
The son calls his mother, who lives in another state.
- Mom, how are you, how do you feel?
- Ugly: 38 days I ate nothing.
- Why?
- I waited for you to call ... I can not speak to
you with your mouth full.
-------------------------------------------------- --------
Very considerate Englishman does not know how to tell
secretary that she was fired ... And puts it this way:
- Miss Jones, you are so great deal of
their responsibilities, that I do not even know what we would
do without you. But Monday, we still try ...

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