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Jokes ... (July 4, 2009 Issue 3)

July 4 2009

Ppodaetsya yard ychastok at Lyne - quiet location, Close to the picturesque
CRATER, kaptoshky no vopyet, ydobny approaching half an hour from the station
"The Mir".
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Hospital ambulance. The doctor walks into the room and begins to explore
patients - all head injury. The doctor asks the first patient:
- Why are you so?
- A rolling pin ...
- And you? - Asks the second.
- Too rolling pin ...
- And you? - Asks a third.
- And I'm a rolling pin ...
- It's that - the epidemic exists, or what?
- No, Doctor ... You are out of the guy in a coma you see? Well, here - he
running away from his wife and tried to get lost in the crowd ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Moscow. Tram. Muscovites on foot got a guy.
Muscovite refers to the type:
- Sorry, you do not accidentally from the FSB?
- No ...
- And you do not accidentally from St. Petersburg? ..
- No ...
- Well, why the hell, you toad, I got up on the leg ?!!!!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
The son asks his father:
- Dad, what's better to be a Jew, Russian, Ukrainian or American?
- Rich!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Who is the oldest person in your village?
- None. The oldest died recently.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Surgeon decided to test the rookie, did all in his order to the psyche.
- Tell me, Private Smith, what you're addicted to the citizen?
- Oh, nothing special fond ...
- Hmm ... Even by the girls did not go?
- No!
- And you have not encountered such a desire?
- Something like this occurred ...
- Then what's the deal?
- My wife would not let me, sir!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Why did you rush to work?
- Must cook dinner.
- A woman at work?
- No, at home.
- Sick?
- No. Hungry.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
My wife tells her husband:
- When you come home - wipe their feet.
- I can not come ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- You saw that yesterday? I could not pull you off the floor!
- Is the glue?

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