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A young director must fight desperately to make a film about war

May 4 2005

"Star" - a film about the millions of ignorant boys: It tells all about the seven, and then they have fictitious names. When the film came out, I began to write from all over the country: "But it was our uncle, but it was our father, it was our cousin" - on each of these characters.

Maybe this picture and was close to the audience - it recreates a generalized lyric-epic image of a young soldier, a boy who at school had gone to war. And never came back.

Honestly, for me it was surprising that the film has caused such a response, such a response. When we started the movie (and the first version of the script was written in 1999, the year), it seemed that the theme of the Great Patriotic War - the theme of an outdated and detached in the background. It seemed to me that's very few people care what the general public will not view history from the times long since the war. But ... - maybe this sounds lofty - but I really could not do this picture. It was my personal duty.

I fought desperately to get this performance. Thank you "Mosfilm", association "ARK-Film producers and painting - Karen Shakhnazarov, Alexander Litvinov, they have entrusted it to me.

When the picture is already out, I was surprised to find that my reading of the theme of war in "Star" differs significantly from the new-fashioned. I heard diametrically opposing views. Not so much about the picture itself, how about the topic itself. And it seemed to me that there can be no ambiguity. After all, this story is not the Soviet and anti-Soviet, not war anthem. This is a requiem for the dead, a tribute to the victims. For me, the war - not a place where they become heroes and the great catastrophe.

That is, of course, there are heroes, but not because of the war, and in spite of it, in spite of this terrible, terrible disaster. And "Star" - a story of boys who closed the chest country. Not power, not Stalin - I am not seen at all in any political overtones. Star - like in our film, and in the story Kazakevich, served as the literary basis - not a red Soviet, and the symbol distant heavenly body to which both stretches young soul, a symbol of love and hope.

Of course, in our country there is no man, whose family would not have touched the Great Patriotic War. The history described in the "Star" - part of my personal history.

My grandfather died in the war and my uncle, my father's brother, who was only 19 years old. They both called Nikolai Lebedev - father called me into their memory. So I'm the hero "Stars" - Travkin - "gave" their family photographs of wartime: the uncle, and grandfather, father and grandmother.

Slightly more than 60 years ago, in 1942, near Kharkov large group of our troops has been taken in the ring. It was an obscure and terrible page of WWII. In an environment were hundreds of thousands of people. So many were killed there! And even the graves remain. At this Kharkiv pot "laid his head, my grandfather. And my uncle was killed at the end of the war in April 1945, near Vienna. All my life I was searching for his father's grave. In the 60's went to Austria, which was at that time very difficult: "Iron Curtain", you know. Father on his knees izlazil military cemetery, was in many archives, but the burial place of his brother is not found.

This search lasted for decades: the father appealed to the International Red Cross, in all sorts of search organization, but ... - it did not work out. And there are millions of stories.

White diggers "are engaged in a noble cause, beautiful, sublime. Even so, after many years, but returned names.I think it's terribly unfair: the people who went to war - not the military, and ordinary boys - they are somehow not really remember, they have forgotten. And they need to remember because they did everything to save our country and return to normal life. "Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten" ... This was the "star", and are engaged in the current peers of those heroes.


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