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Peter-FM "prepared to press" Not Born Beautiful "

April 4 2006

Some few years ago, a secret high-ranking television was very simple - it was enough to unleash a pair of new television programs and audience increases many times. Now this trick does not work. At a time when television has gone to the Internet, mobile phones, producers air channels have to rack their brains over the creation of entirely new forms.

Alone, without hesitation, compact solid broadcasting network reality show, others - are trying to go for a more difficult path and build their own "dream factory". "We're always trying to discover new genres. There was no sitcoms - there were "My Fair Nanny" and "Who's the Boss?". There was no dramedi (a combination of drama and comedy) - episode appeared "not born beautiful." We are aware that we are obliged to think about the future "- said President of CTC Media Alexander Rodnyansky, presenting a new draft channel -" Peter FM ".

Also see footage from the film "Peter FM"

Young creators of paintings in one voice insists that it is these films are awaiting our viewers. The singer is female supporting actor Irina Rakhmanov said: "This is a story about the fact that everything that is done, all the better. For me it's absolutely the exact wording, synopsis, because all the stories that are interwoven in the plot, it is about it. I am convinced that we now really need a movie - with hope. "

I note that Irina Rakhmanov, who made his "name" the main role in the television series "Viola", was on the set of the most experienced actress. As for other characters and the whole group, this time the leadership of CTC and film companies PROFIT n oshlo the big experiment - shooting pictures turned into a veritable "school" movies. "Piter FM" was the debut for producer Ellen Glickman, director Oksana Bychkova, actress - played the leading role of Catherine Fedulova, operator and producer Ivan Gudkov, art director Igor Kotsareva, costume designer, Olga Bychkova, composer Kirill Pirogov. Specialists have found that the presence of so many newcomers made the film an unusually easy.

But the newcomers, starring the creators of "Peter-FM» was not enough - they got the idea to invite occasional role-known actors. Almost none of the stars have not said no. Decided not only Sergei Garmash. The role of "kicked out of the house alcoholic" played Andrei Krasko. Responsible actor read the entire script and had to shoot with his slippers, saying the director, which was prepared for the role well and even brought his own props. People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Mashkov played the loving alcoholic, director Alexander Hwang - janitor drinker, one of the founders of the comic group "Actors" Robert Gorodetsky - homeless, Alexander Bashirov - teaser-house manager.

The film took almost two years, although the shooting took place much faster. During this time the group became friends, so that almost all filmed in small roles, for example, sound is a sound engineer, artist manager plays a limousine, a mechanic camcorder - the seller in the bridal salon.

Individual character in the film was made by St. Petersburg. Directed by Oksana Bychkova broke the prevailing gloomy and gray stereotype of the city and made Peter fabulous, luminous and magical.

Not without its amusing stories. For example, for the filming of extras used the old method - a afishnoy booth to make a hole and shot through it.Curious crowds lingered in St. Petersburg posters to familiarize yourself with their content. And wondered when the assistants started to drive away.

During the shooting of two actors were married, reiterating the main idea of the film that nothing in life is accidental. As in the history of a talented young architect Maksim (Yevgeny Tsyganov) and the popular St. Petersburg DJ Masha (Catherine Fedulova), which is the eve of his wedding to a childhood friend of Kostya (Aleksei Barabash) loses his phone, and Maxim had not found it by accident. And then the fun begins ...

Maria Pavlikova

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