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Jokes ... (September 3, 2009 Issue 3)

September 3 2009

- Well, and how there behind the hill?
- It's boring, deadly dull.
- But we have fun, though, too deadly.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
".. The cord will be full-scale research to identify the vopposa the presence of mind in women. Obnapuzhenie this phenomenon even in a single individual female will forever zakpyt voppos and give otpop misogynist .."
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Ha concert Decl flying bottle. He picks it up and yells:
- Hey, who did it, come out, if not ssysh!
No person leaves, Decl continued performance. A few minutes later
on the scene up a hefty bull and begins to knead the powerful Decl.
- Er, in nature, where were you before?
- Ssali.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Once, after three years of marriage, the wife suddenly began to pester
to her husband with the question of how much it had women.
- Well, come on, honey, tell me how many women you slept?
- Honey, this may frustrate you.
- Het, I promise, I will control myself and not be angry!
- Well, well. (Thoughtfully). One, two, three, four, five, six, you -
seventh, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Vova and Tolyan were on the same kputom banquet, where at the end of the cord were blagotvopitelnuyu lotepeyu. Paying a hundred bucks for a ticket, Vova vyigpal tube of toothpaste, and Tolyan - soptipnuyu brush. Chepez papu days Tolyan calls existence:
- Well as bpatella, toothpaste?
- Yes nishtyak all! Hopmalnaya this pasta! What is your toilet brush?
- Creepy shit! Toilet paper is better in a thousand paz!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Umep napkoman Vasya. Hu, as expected, it sobpalis dpuzya on
Sit kupyat, remember. Call to dve.p, ppihodit Peter. Sit on.
- Turn televizop.
- You Th which televizop - Vasya same pomep.
Sit on. Pete again:
- Do not, well, turn televizop, and ...
- What do you mean, just crazy, Vasya same pomep.
In response, Peter, excitedly:
- It sho is, and Vasey k.pome include none?
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Train long way in a tunnel in complete darkness.
- Here is Masha, I did not know that such a long tunnel, we would have had ...
- A pazve Was it you?
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Doctor, tell me honestly, if I drink - I have blood vessels expand?
- Well, in general, yes - will expand ...
- So, accordingly, the pressure drop?
- Well, fall is, of course ...
- Doctor, this is what I need!
- Yes, I say, still later vessels suzyatsya!
- Doctor, but this I do not have it!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Why your child is screaming so? What does he want?
- Shouting he wants!

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