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"Munich," Steven Spielberg open secret "of his anger"

February 2 2006

1972. September. Olympic Games in Munich. Millions of viewers watching the magnificent performances of the best athletes in the world. Mark Spitz and Olga Korbut and the imagination of their achievements. These games have already received the name "Olympics of Peace and Joy. But in this peaceful September comes "Black October" - the grouping of Palestinian gunmen burst into the Olympic village. Killing two members of the Israeli delegation, they were taken hostage, nine more people. Brutal massacre was broadcast all the channels around the world. After 21 hours the monstrous reality show was over, the reporter Jim McKay said: "They all died."

Directed by Steven Spielberg presents a picture of "Munich" - a thriller, which tells about the terrible events in Munich and the mission of retaliation to Israeli intelligence, which lasted for many years and was strictly confidential. The action of revenge, code-named "Operation Wrath of the Lord", was one of the most brutal and aggressive covert operations in modern history.

Studio DreamWorks Pictures and Universal Pictures present: Steven Spielberg's "Munich." Starring Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, Ciaran Hinds, Mathieu Kassovitz, Hanns Tsihler and Geoffrey Rush. Composer John Williams, a costume designer Joanna Johnston, editing by Michael Kahn. Production designer Rick Carter, the operator of Janusz Kaminski. The film is based on the book by George Jonas, "Vengeance." Produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Spielberg, Barry Mendel and Colin Wilson. Screenplay Tony Kushner and Eric Roth. Directed by Steven Spielberg.

The plot revolves around a team of avengers, matchplan around the world under a veil of secrecy. Their task to track down people who are blacklisted and quietly remove them. They are outside the international laws. They do not have their homes and families, and each other besides them nothing connects with humanity. But with time and in the minds of these cold-blooded eliminators a thought: "Who do we kill? Can this be justified? Is it to stop terror? "

Projecting between the thirst for justice and their own doubts, lead to the fact that members are aware of the mission - the longer they remain hunters, the more for them increases the risk of becoming victims themselves.

For a film producer Barry Mendel, the event in Munich in 1972 has always been alive and painful memories. "I remember Mark Shpitts won all these medals, and the next morning we turned on the TV and saw Jim McKay, who told us what happened - says Mendel. - That's all. All my family members were chained to the TV. We spent the whole day watching the developments, and then I realized that the world will never forget. "

For four years in Munich did not let go of Mendel. When she heard about the idea of the movie by Kathleen Kennedy, she spoke about her Steven Spielberg.

"Steve has the ability to be a wonderful storyteller, and the prospect of a painting on this material, with such an important topic, I was immediately delighted - she says. - I could not imagine someone more suitable for such a history. "

"Today we're just inundated with information every day is a lot of different events, so it is very important for filmmakers to return to those or other events in our history that people have not forgotten about them - continues to Kennedy. - I think Stephen has decided to make a film for this very reason. This story sheds light on many current events. We get the opportunity to go back and understand what happened 33 years ago and what we are taught.And at the same time, this gripping thriller, which would be interested in you, even if it was not based on real events. "

Spielberg also remembers this story. "I remember exactly where I was in September 1972, I remember the TV, which I watched coverage, remember how I watched them. This was a program "Sports World", it all looked, and here the incident took place - says the director. - On me, it made a lasting impression, and after many years it efforts - after watching the documentary "One Day in September".

Spielberg and Kennedy asked the playwright Tony Kushner, Pulitzer Prize-winning, ready to modify the script by Eric Roth ("Forrest Gump", "The Insider") of the book Canadian journalist George Jonas 'Vengeance'.

Picture production began with an exhausting search of actors for a variety of nationalities 200 roles in this complex scenario. Casting director Gina Jay traveled the world looking for fresh and interesting faces. It is targeted at specific actors, and not on their "stardom".

"In" Munich, "a lot more talking characters than any of my previous paintings, including" Catch Me If You Can "- explains Spielberg. - This number of characters in a multifaceted operation, which lasted two years in different countries made me come to the conclusion that even minor characters have to be as interesting as the protagonists. This is a story about a very painful and tragic moment in our collective history, and I wanted to about it told an amazing ensemble of actors. "


Eric Bana (Avner)
In 2001, Bana played a major role in the Ridley Scott film "Black Hawk Down" with Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor and Tom Sizemore. In addition, he starred in the Australian film "Nugget", published in 2002.

Daniel Craig (Steve) was approved for the role of James Bond's companies. He will become the sixth 007 in movie history. Shooting pictures "Casino Royale" will begin next year. Currently Craig is removed in the thriller "Aliens" by Oliver Hirschbiegel with Nicole Kidman.

Among the films with Craig: "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider", "Elizabeth", "Hotel" Splendid "," I Dreamed of Africa "," Love and Fury "and" The Power of Unity ". In 2002 he received critical acclaim for roles in "The Curse of the way," Sam Mendes.

Mathieu Kassovitz (Robert) He has worked with stars such as Jodie Foster and Nicole Kidman.

As an actor, Kassovitz is best known for his starring role in a film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet "Amelie" with Audrey Tautou. Among his other paintings - "Look at how people fall" Jacques Adyar, for which Kassovitz was "Caesar" as the best young actor, "The Fifth Element, Luc Besson," Jakob the liar "by Peter Kassovitz and the" birthday girl "with Nicole Kidman, directed by Jez Butterworth. In 2002, Kassovitz was nominated for a Cesar as best actor for his role as a priest in a drama about the Holocaust, "Amen."

Geoffrey Rush (Ephraim) - one of the most respected contemporary actors.
The main role in the film of Scott Hick's "The Shining" has attracted the attention of viewers and Rush won him an Academy Award, Golden Globe, bafta, and many other prestigious awards. Rush was nominated for an Oscar for his role in the movie "Quills" by Philip Kaufman and a Golden Globe Award for "Shakespeare in Love."

filmography of the actor - "Intolerable Cruelty," "Finding Nemo," "Ned Kelly", "Lantana", "Frida," "The Tailor of Panama", "House on Haunted Hill," "Mysterious People", "Elizabeth", "Les Miserables "" Little bit of soul "," Children of the Revolution, "" Twelfth Night "," Oscar and Lucinda "and many others.

The film "Munich," Steven Spielberg comes out in cinemas in Russia on Feb. 16, 2006.

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