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Latest fashion - an electronic outfit

July 29 2009

12327.jpeg It would seem that the new can come in clothes? Well, fashion, style - is yes. Well, let's say, more high-quality synthetics invent, or ways of processing fabric. But imagine the situation: cell phone is dead, and the outlet next to no! Here to help and will come ... magic jacket!

Only a few years ago it might have seemed sheer utopia. But now electronic clothes more confidently conquers the market. Already invented jackets and backpacks, which are sewn in chargers for mobile phones, PDAs and players. And they do not work on electricity, and solar-powered.

British scientist James Gilbert invented a special shoes equipped with electrical generators. With their help, you can recharge the batteries of devices - mobile phones, tape recorders, cameras. Diminutive dynamo, mounted in the soles of shoes, when walking to generate electricity.

A Japanese engineer Atsushi Fukunti invented ... are the real seven-league boots! Externally «easy shoes» (translated it means "light footwear) do not differ from the ordinary, but their soles are mounted an electric motor with battery clips, so the owner can walk, not making this any physical effort.

Snag one - electronics is still significantly increase the weight of clothes. But what if you are, for example, on the beach? And so hot, and now sensors retard melting. Do not worry! Manufacturers of electronic textiles is already taken care of to make their products as possible, "imperceptible"!

Already drafted a "smart scarf. Tiny wires and microchips now sewn into finished garments, and woven into the fabric at the manufacturing stage.

12328.jpeg Recently, American companies have invented a new polymer material, Power Plastic. He himself is a solar battery that generates electricity.

Unusually thin strip has a coating of nanoparticles, turning photons into electrons. In this case, it is possible to give different shades of color and degree of translucency. On a polymer fabric is applied in any pattern depending on the desires of the customer.

Already exists in the sale of clothing with LEDs. It is clear that modern beauties would be difficult to resist the temptation to wear a luminous evening dress to a garden party or a banquet. In addition, the subject of toilets with illuminated will not let you get lost in the dark without a flashlight.

Researchers at Japan's non-profit organization called Advanced Institute of wearable weather information systems have created clothing that warms or, alternatively, cools the body of the owner as necessary.

"Outfit" that runs on batteries, is capable for more than 3 hours to maintain the surface temperature of 10 to 30 degrees Celsius.

It is assumed that wearing such garments would mostly elderly people and patients suffering from various diseases associated with disorders of thermoregulation of the body.

In Japanese, the University of Tsukuba (Tokyo) developed a model of the so-called bionic trousers. They differ from conventional in that they allow their owners to carry gravity!

You will be able to lift and carry at 100-180 pounds more than usual.And this limit, if you are, of course, not an athlete, weightlifter, is limited to about 20 kg. We are talking about a mass of 120-200 kg!

Something similar is created and specialists of Japanese University of Technology, Kanagawa. They invented an electronic suit for the relatives of the elderly and disabled who are unable to move independently.

Weight 30 kg costume, but he almost does not feel when you wear these clothes. True, the dressing takes at least 10 minutes.

Why endure such inconveniences? The fact that a man dressed in superkostyum, can easily lift cargo weighing up to 100 kg! If you have any relatives or wards, which is difficult to walk by age or illness, you can easily pick them up and move to the right place

One of the participants of the project Hiro Tsukui during the presentation demonstrated the capabilities of new products, raising and holding the hands of adult men. At the same time, she reported that he did not suit weighs heavier than usual backpack.

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