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Global warming and the unknown inhabitants of Antarctica

February 27 2007

The kingdom of eternal cold of Antarctica known as the mysterious, but soon things can change. The fact is that Antarctica is rapidly melting, global warming is doing his job.

According to recent reports, under the thick ice of the Southern Polar mainland to a depth of about three kilometers hidden giant the cavity filled with water and connecting channels. They are the movement of water masses, for reasons scientists still do not understand.

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Area "under the ice" water sometimes reaches several hundred square kilometers. Evidence used data from the satellite, which studied the Earth's surface using special lasers. Moving water masses under the Antarctic ice shell was so noticeable that the presence of large lakes no doubt.

According to researcher Helen Fricker, studying the behavior of water masses can tell a lot about the impact of climate warming on hidden for the average natural processes. She said scientists are still not completely clear that both are driven by water masses of Antarctic lakes.

But one thing experts are sure if the subglacial Antarctic lakes break through the surface, the water balance of the Earth is rapidly violated due to the changing nature of ocean circulation, ice surrounds the continent. This can lead to climate disaster.

Lakes, "mothballed" from the prying eyes of a thick crust of ice, continue to intrigue its mysteries scientists. For example, biologists expect that these lakes may hide myself in the Antarctic fauna, which is still considered extremely scarce.

Meanwhile, an international team of scientists discovered a new species of animals off the coast of Antarctica. In place of melted Ludowa researchers saw spindle-shaped orange sea stars, ice fish with fins and the fan wandering flocks of sea cucumbers.

Among the previously unknown species - the giant amphipod (crustacean species), which has a length of 10 cm One of the interesting discoveries was an unusual starfish, which had 12 limbs instead of five.

In total during the ten week research specialists have discovered 15 new species of amphipod, four new species of cnidarians, organisms related to coral, jellyfish and sea anemones. The most original and unusual found an octopus, with whom there is no visual organs, but his body is able to shine.

Incidentally, an interesting fact, just recently off the coast of Antarctica New Zealand fishermen have caught "on the bait" the largest ever caught squid, weighing 450 kg.

Experts believe that the fishermen managed to catch a representative of the so-called colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni), living at great depths of the ocean.

In order to get him on the deck lasted two hours. He was then frozen and shipped to New Zealand for scientific examination.

Constantine Dyatlov

The Source: Herald ,,,, BBC/ P>

Константин Дятлов

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