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Will created human-animal hybrids?

September 21 2009

12660.jpeg More recently it was assumed that individuals of different species are not subject to cross-breeding. However, a number of facts and scientific experiments indicate that this assertion is debatable, at least for mammals.

Thus, the incredible story is the Chinese province of Jiangxi. A dog belonging to a peasant named Zeng, gave birth to three cubs, one of whom was a normal puppy, and the remaining two ... kittens!

In fact, people have long been trying to cross different breeds of animals. It is well known hybrid horse and a donkey - a mule. Mules different endurance, and they are still in the Middle Ages luggage transported over long distances.

There are hybrids of a tiger and a lion (Leagrove and tigrolvy), lion and leopard (levopardy), dogs and wolves (sobakovolki), a zebra and a horse, donkey or pony (zebroidy), camel and llamas (verblyulamy), grizzly and polar bears (polar grizzly bears), black whales and dolphins (kasatkodelfiny). People managed to get even hybrids of hybrids - such as a cross between a tiger and Leagrove or tigrolva. A biologist from the French Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA) was implanted into a female European red deer artificially fertilized egg of Japanese sika deer.

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Thus, scientists believe, you can save rare and endangered species. True, the fruit take root only if the surrogate mother and "adopted" baby will be close to the breed. In the near future the researchers plan to begin rebuilding the Mesopotamian fallow deer herd and deer Elda living in Iran and Iraq.

However, as a rule, these animals do not give their offspring in natural conditions and for their breeding needs intervention from humans.

Regularly discusses the scientific world and the ethical aspects of experiments on the creation of chimeras - mutants, whose body contains the genes of humans and animals.

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12604.jpeg For example, researchers from the Institute stem cells at Stanford University have conducted experiments in growing embryos of mice, whose brains were introduced into human neurons. True, the rise before the end of mutant not given: the fruit destroyed before the advent of the light, and then opened it to examine brain structure of the chimera.

In addition, preparing an experiment on the cultivation of the human body from the genetically modified cells of mice. Genetic modification allows the reproductive organs of rodents to produce human sperm and eggs, from which will subsequently be grown on human embryo.

According to the journal "Cell Research", Chinese scientists from the Second Shanghai Medical University, managed to get a hybrid ... human and rabbit! The experimental material used skin cells of two men, one woman and two boys and rabbit eggs. Researchers removed DNA from a rabbit egg and brought back the human DNA.

Of the 400 embryos obtained only 100 survived. However, at a certain stage of development, all embryos are destroyed.

anee similar experiments already performed in Massachusetts (USA), where scientists have tried to mix the genes of human and cow. But they ended unsuccessfully.

12661.jpeg A Sydney researchers have introduced bone marrow cells in the human fetus lamb. Over time they evolved into a completely human bones and muscles. The next step was the creation of hybrid ... human and pig! For this purpose, the core of human cells are implanted into the nucleus pig oocyte, whose code is changed first by removing the animal genes. Embryo had lived for 32 days, until the creators decided not to destroy it ...

Indian scientists from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad managed to realize the idea, inherent in the famous film "The Fly". Only genes in the film flies got into the human body, but here, on the contrary, ordinary fruit fly entered the human gene. It brought together to test new cancer drugs ... The Chinese have grown a human ear ... on the back of the mouse! Consequently, we can grow some human organs for transplantation. The main thing with this - not to allow the cells penetrated into the genes of an animal incubator ...

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Well, how about the "dog-cat" phenomenon? Maybe there has been a man-crossing? It is not excluded that the dog Zeng experimented a distinguished scholar or an entire research laboratory disguised. But why do they keep their discovery a secret?

Margarita Troitsyna

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alina2009 21.09.2009 | понедельник ответить

И кстати, в россии тогда скрещивали гариллу с человеком. Была жесть. Вы только скажите, для чего тратяться такие деньги н f'n эксперементы и для чего они нужны?

alina2009 21.09.2009 | понедельник ответить

HРебятки, ы являемя результатом эволющии животных, зачем нам делать Вы посмотрите, лопоухость - она у нас от обезъян, линивость тоже от них, поведение от свиней, нужны еще доказвтельства? А в 40 годах проводили такие эксперементы, вот только зачем?

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