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Palmistry: what the fingers

April 19 2007

Palmistry - the ancient art of divination. In the east it was known 5,000 years ago. There are many references to divination by the hand can be found in ancient literature. These days palmistry is widespread and long supported by statistics. So what we narrate their fingers?

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Long fingers indicate a critical and analytical mind. In matters of love such people are unreliable. Very long fingers associated with dishonesty and greed.
Short fingers point to the impulsive character. Such a person goes to the dictates of his heart rather than reason. Extremely short fingers indicate a primitive, undeveloped type of person.

Direct and located close to each other's fingers point to the stiffness and intolerance. With such people it is difficult to deal with. Pins, planted widely, indicate an open disposition. Uneven, but not crooked fingers, they say the propensity of the art.

We now turn to specific fingers.

Thumb. It distinguishes man from all animals except monkeys. This is the most important finger, because without it people would never have emerged from barbarism. It allows a person to keep the tools and means to work and develop. Not surprisingly, the thumb is important in the formation of human character.

In the thumb only two phalanges: the top is associated with the will and the executive, and the lower with the logic and the ability to reason.

According to the proportion of phalanges can judge whether a person is guided in its actions will or mind, despite what a phalanx of more.

If the thumb is located close to the other, then such a person knows how to count money and not too generous. Far removed the thumb points to the freedom-loving, open nature. If a finger is mobile enough in the top joint, then its owner - a man of broad views, generous and cheerful. And the owner of the hard thumb has the opposite qualities - diligence, restraint, stubbornness.

Sometimes the thumb on top like priplyuschen and expanded. This points to the passionate, hot man who is easily excited and reaches a state of anger.

Forefinger. If he is short, it points to carelessness and reluctance to assume responsibility. A long finger shows domineering personality and aptitude for leadership. If very long - equal to the middle finger, or only slightly shorter than him - that points to the impatient and arrogant intolerance of others' views.

The middle finger. If he is short, then its owner impulsive and nepredusmotritelen. Such a person is easy to laugh or cry cause he is kind and generous, and pleasant to communicate.

Ring finger. The normal length of the finger - nine-tenths the length of the middle finger. In this case, it means love and a critical appreciation of art and beauty in life, and tendency to take risks in business and go on speculation.
If it is long, it shows the passion for gambling.Short said the same finger on the lack of risk appetite, lack of business acumen and entrepreneurial undeveloped.

The little finger. Normal length (seven-tenths of the middle finger) said on adaptability, tact, resourcefulness, indicates an active mind. A very short little finger indicates a hasty and impulsive man who quarreling with potential friends, expressing thoughtless comments and criticizing them. A man with a long little finger is usually endowed with personal magnetism, has a great influence on others, often has the gift of leadership.

Nails. Elongated nails indicate a quiet, phlegmatic temperament. Short of a more impulsive nature. If the nails with a rounded base and a clear crescent mark, we can expect a balanced character and sound judgments. Broad and rounded fingertips talk about openness, generosity and sincerity. The narrow, elongated nails occur in people with poor health, at the same time they talk about the sophistication and idealistic nature. Spatulate nails say about pugnacity and landing.

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Alex Vitvitskiy


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