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Brain injury - not an obstacle intelligence?

January 19 2010

What we know about the human brain? It would seem, can not exist without him! Meanwhile, the science known cases of severe brain damage or even its absence virtually no effect on mental activity and lifetime. Moreover, some of these people have achieved outstanding intellectual achievements.

In 1888 the journal "Medical Press of New York," said the man, resulting in serious injury lost a substantial portion of the brain. Doctors predicted that he has not long to live. But despite this, the victim after the operation, as if nothing had happened, came and spoke. He lived another 26 years, complaining of dizziness at times. It is true that shortly before his death paralyzed.

In 1935, New York, was born a child without a brain. Despite such a substantial "defect", he lived long enough and did not differ from other children.

In 1940 in Bolivia, died of a brain tumor 14-year-old. Until his death he was of sound mind, though suffering from severe headaches. After opening the doctors discovered that the patient has virtually no brain.

German professor Hufeland reports paralyzed until his death maintain normal mental capacity. When he died, it was revealed that his skull instead of marrow was liquid.

In 1953, one American, had surgery to remove the right hemisphere of the brain. The patient not only survived - his mental ability and intelligence have not suffered any damage.

Of particular interest are examples from famous people. For example, the famous scientist Louis Pasteur in 46 years suffered a brain haemorrhage, after which he actually breaks down the right hemisphere. Nevertheless, he lived for twenty seven years, actively engaged in scientific work.

According to some sources, the brain is the leader of the proletariat VI Lenin's death turned into a bunch of lime. But it happened, as identified experts, when Vladimir Ilyich was still fully functional.

Incidentally, in the 20's. last century explorer K. Lashley, conducting experiments on animals and found that the removal of rats or that part of the brain never led to the disappearance of previously developed conditioned reflexes.

Curious history of our contemporary Muscovite Paul Kochneva. 8 years ago with a 18-year old boys happen to the accident - he fell from the balcony of the third floor! "Landed" fail, right on the concrete ... Consequence of the fall was a fracture of the cranial vault. Paul spent a month in severe coma. Then he had to learn all over again - to speak, move ...

"After a month lying in a coma for almost atrophied limbs, - says Paul. - I started to walk down the corridor, and three days completely recovered the left limb. Right, promised the doctors will recover longer, since the blow was accentuated on the right half of the body.

When I was discharged from the hospital, the parents said: "We have no right, of course you make, because they do not know what it is and what kind of physical effort it will cost you ... If you like, sit on the couch and watch telly. But you can try to recover. Only this will popahat! "

I thought: in 18 years has a disability, yet not really having lived ... But after three days of recovery of left hands and feet I was in euphoria, and even without knowing anything about the nature of injury, insisted: "I will recover!raquo; gritting his teeth through the pain, the exercises ... Doctors have promised that in five years will be to consider the continuation of study in high school (two months before the tragedy, I went to college). But in less than two years since I went back to study! Accessible public transport to the Institute for me was already a feat ...

Thus, the recovery proceeded without interruption from the study. However, due to an injury I had to learn to write with his left hand. Record lectures was not easy. My parents bought me a tape recorder, but then the voice recorders were of poor quality, and I began to remember the lecture! Tried to develop memory, he taught mathematics ... "

Now Paul writes talented poetry and philosophical essays, and plans to enroll in drama school. At the qualifying round, he just a few minutes learned the fable to read a selection committee, which is probably beyond the power of most people with healthy brains.

Perhaps our intelligence and consciousness is not connected with the brain? The proof of this fact would be a sensation in the scientific world. The case for researchers!

Margarita Troitsyna

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