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In the Army of the future - some mutants?

November 17 2008

Universal soldiers - this is not fiction. In the near future the army will be composed of soldiers who are literally on fire do not burn and water do not sink, and have an almost unbelievable for a person properties. And all this - thanks to the achievements of modern science and technology ...

First of all it touches uniforms. Military surgeon NASA Angus Rupert recently developed the first haptic suit for the pilot, can replace the usual senses, if for some reason, those cease to function.

In a suit built 32 miniature vibrator, sending the pilot pulses in strict accordance with the instrument readings. This will help him to navigate in difficult situations - for example, in the absence of visibility. In what is supposed to improve the suit so that its sensors are completely replaced by sight and hearing.

But experts from the laboratory of the U.S. armed forces have invented a diving suit, designed for the Marines. He turns a soldier into a man-amphibian: costume consists of three layers, in the middle - polymer strip that can "remember" the shape of the body. At a temperature of 13 to 18 degrees the molecular structure of the polymer is compacted, not passing into the water and keep warm. It is worth the same temperature rise (for example, if a swimmer will be selected on the land) as the tissue becomes porous, which promotes the release of fumes.

U.S. researchers believe that a quarter of a century will be developed for camouflage uniforms that can change color depending on the circumstances. With the help of nanotechnology soldiers could regulate the surface temperature of clothing (which is likely to be refractory), silently move through the positions to receive the signals of impending danger, and even become invisible ...! In addition, the fabric of Nanopolymers in case of damage to itself to restore its integrity. Protect it from the impact of harmful chemicals and microorganisms.

It is not excluded that a soldier of the future will provide and glasses, invented by the Spanish physicist Pablo Artalom from Optics Laboratory of the University of Murcia. Ordinary goggles are unable to correct the many distortions of view. Points Arta correct these deficiencies through a system of mirrors.

Superochki can be useful even for people with absolute vision - for example, to examine small objects that are far away. But the common man too much visual acuity is likely to cause discomfort. Another thing - if the glasses will be used in conjunction with other technological equipment for the military "terminator".

Another thing that will make soldiers invulnerable - it ... food. The report "Opportunities for the application of biotechnology for military purposes", compiled by experts at Purdue (Indiana), said that by 2025 there will be genetically modified products, has tonic properties and protect against disease.

Certain foods will be designed specifically for military personnel performing a combat mission. So, biotechnologists are working on a chemical formula of chocolate that turns people into "stealth". The soldier, a chocolate tasting at some time away from the field of view night vision devices, and in addition, be an intangible for temperature sensors. The composition of food rations will be sure and chemicals, "tags", by which it will be possible to determine where at the moment is given subject.

;> And finally - the impact of the genetic revolution. The blood of men will be introduced gene doping, which influences the overall mental and physical condition. For example, genes that stimulate production of red blood cells and dilate the blood vessels. However, we can not exclude the birth of natural genetic mutants, which from early childhood will prepare for a military career. After all, apparently, the war on the ground does not stop soon ...

Margarita Trinity


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