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Flood: Past and Future

October 16 2006

Flood, had destroyed most of the world's population, is reflected not only the Bible and the myths of various peoples of the world, but also in scientific research.

One of the most interesting hypotheses grand catastrophe, scientists intend to test the Siberian Branch of RAS. This is a version of the scientist Bruce Masse, who claims that the deluge was caused by the fall of a celestial body.

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"Before the Flood": Earth is not more than 8,000 years?

A new deluge turned the land into "water world"

A sudden manifestation of global warming

Global warming and the fantastic plans for saving the Earth

Vyacheslav Gusiakov, Head of Laboratory Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics (IVM & MG SB RAS), believes that the true cause of the disaster can be installed within a few months, when completed laboratory studies of rock samples from the sand dunes. He personally collected them in an international expedition in an inaccessible area of the island of Madagascar.

With the help of satellite images, scientists found in the bays and Fenambosi Ampalaza so-called chevron dunes, located far outside the usual coastal dunes. Their silhouette suggests that they were formed by aggradation of water. Size of the dune zone, which extends 40 km inland from the coast land, suggest that the wave that has become the cause of this education, and overflowing land not less than 40 km.

Meanwhile, Scandinavian scientists are seriously concerned over the possibility of recurrence of the Flood, they foreshadow an era of floods and tropical storms. Specialists of the State Geotechnical Institute Swedish insist on the immediate implementation of the program "minimal protection" from global warming. It includes the construction of levees around the towns located along rivers and lakes. In this program, scientists in the near future are willing to spend one billion dollars.

Studies carried out on orders from the Swedish government, have shown that in the next decade floods and landslides will erase from the face of the land areas of the country's major industrial centers.

For similar conclusions reached at the Institute of Meteorology in Norway. They warn that an era of tropical downpours. The result will be flooding and landslides in areas previously considered safe. By the way, the findings of Scandinavian scientists apply to areas of Russia. For example, the natural conditions of the Murmansk region and Karelia are identical to the Scandinavian.

Beginning of growth temperature on Earth contributed to the immense peat bogs in Siberia, according to scientists from the international team, which include the Russian and American experts.

It all began 12,000 years ago, when at the end of the Ice Age, began to form peat bogs, emit methane. According to scientists, this gas represents one of the major causes of the phenomenon of the "greenhouse effect". "But in the modern global warming is responsible is no longer nature, but increasingly man himself.

Emissions of methane in the atmosphere caused by human activities, much higher than those noted in the last glacial period. Over the past 200 years we have doubled the content of methane in the atmosphere.

Constantine Dyatlov

Adapted from:a href = "" target = "_blank"> Interfax, ITAR-TASS, Radio Mayak.

Константин Дятлов

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