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Big secret "little Cthulhu" and the giant squid

February 15 2007

Mysterious inhabitants of the deep - giant squid, from time immemorial terrifying to the human race will continue to amaze scientists. In 2005, Japanese researchers have conducted deep surveys in the North Pacific Ocean and was recorded most real light show, which made a squid species Taningia danae.

Giant deep-sea clam, was an aggressive predator, emitting a blinding flash of light during an attack on his victim. It helps authorities glow - photophores, which are on the front tentacles. Scientists believe that because squids are confusing their potential victims. In addition, such property may be an element of courtship.

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Kalmar reaches a length of two meters, it is extremely cleverly floats back and forth through large, muscular fins.

Video captured at depths ranging from 240 to 940 meters demonstrates how cephalopod speed of 2.5 meters per second during the persecution of his victim, which he captures the eight tentacles.

Incidentally, late last year, scientists from Japan's National Museum of Science is not only recorded on video, but caught a live giant squid. The mollusk was quite small female length of only about three and a half meters long and weighing about fifty pounds.

The team leader Tsunemi Kubodery researchers believed that no one but the fishermen had never seen a live giant squid. It is believed that such sea creatures can reach a length of 20 meters. However, most likely, a giant squid is not a threat to ships because it lives at a depth of one hundred or more meters.

Meanwhile, earlier, an Australian doctor David Sinn from the University of Tasmania reported that the squid have qualities and character traits that define a person. It looks like they are transmitted by inheritance shellfish, but can be changed environment. This conclusion scientist came after research squid species Euprymna tasmanica.

As it turned out, these "little Cthulhu" like privacy, some of them are shy and cautious, despite the fact that their relatives are a bit more desperately and bravely. David Sinn believes that some squids may be more boldly than others. Previous studies have shown that these traits for squid at 30 percent are hereditary.

Constantine Dyatlov

The Source: BBC, Kompyulenta, Reuters, Membrana

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