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Happy birthday, dear Pee!

March 14 2011

16272.jpeg In the American system of recording calendar dates today - 3 / 14. Sound familiar? Similarly, the famous number Pi. First noticed a physicist at the San Francisco Larry Shaw. Rejoicing, a scientist suggested that each on March 3 to celebrate unofficial holiday - Birthday of pi. Celebrate it on tradition to at 1:59 to record consecutive time and date of the holiday coincided with the first digits of π - 3,14159 .... However, such a tradition advocates of 12-hour system of time calculation, while adhering to the 24-hour system prefer to celebrate the night.

Mathematics in this day congratulate each other, pronounces eulogy in honor of pi and its role in human life, dreams about: "dystopia. A world without "Pee", solve mathematical puzzles and riddles, lead dances around subjects related to this number. Individual enthusiasts are also playing the games that begin with "pi" (for example, building pyramids) and eat delicious pi-horn (in English - Pi-pie). Usually it is a large round cake with a picture of the Greek letter pi, or with the first digit of the number written on the icing circle.

Pi - mathematical constant equal to the ratio of the circumference to the length of its diameter, in the old days it was also called ludolfovym number. The name "pi" came from the Greek words "periphery" - the circle and perimetoros "- the perimeter.

History of π runs parallel with the development of the whole of mathematics. Even in ancient times, scientists guessed that the calculation of the value of pi and the square the circle - the problem is closely related to each other. The ancient Chinese and ancient Jews believed that number to 3. There is even a legend according to which the number "Pi" was used in designing and laying the foundation of the tower of Babel, and that it is not an exact calculation of pi to the Babylonians and led to catastrophe .. It is also believed that the number of Pi used in the construction of the famous King Solomon's Temple.

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Why all the fuss surrounding the exact calculation the value of pi? It's very simple. Number is irrational, that is (if you suddenly forgot since school) it is impossible to express in a simple fraction of the form as a fraction p / q, where p and q are integers. These numbers are infinite, they do not have the exact value and calculate their possible only by posledovatelnyh approximations.

Now this number is used in a variety of formulas, not directly related to the measurement area of ​​a circle or circumference. For the practical needs within our planet enough computing only 10 digits of this number of decimal places. But for high-precision calculations, say, the orbit of a satellite, it is desirable to have these characters more.

Interesting Facts about Pi

Accurate record of Pi

At the University of Tokyo have managed to set a world record is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. A group of programmers and mathematicians, led by Professor Yasumasa Canada has calculated the value of pi to the 12,411-trillion mark. To this end, researchers have created a special program to use the supercomputer, and 400 hours of computer time.

img src = "/ images/article/2/7/0/16270.jpeg" alt = "16270.jpeg" hspace = "10" vspace = "10" width = "226" height = "163" align = "right "/> Sculptural Pi

Metal sculpture of Pi, which resembles a large gate, installed on the stairs
in front of the Museum of the Arts in Seattle (USA, Washington).

Movie about Pee

Pi was devoted to the first feature film directed by Darren Aronofsky, the Oscar nominee this year. Tape and named - "Pi". This is not a documentary or scientific film and a psychological thriller about a stockbroker who approached the mathematical explanation of the whims of fortune.

Pi as the universal mind

In recent years, there was almost a fantastic theory about the rationality of pi. The fact that so many laws opisyvayuts to them. Charles Cantor, under whose leadership has been decoded DNA, exclaimed in amazement: "It seems that we have come to a solution of certain fundamental puzzles, which we slipped the universe. Pi - everywhere, it controls all the known processes, while remaining unchanged! ". Well, wait for scientific evidence ...

Poems and zapominalki "

To facilitate the memorization of pi to at least second to the fourth decimal place, pupils and students use various creative tactics.

The most rounded value of this number - 3.14 or twenty-two seventh. On this lay poem:

Twenty-two owls were bored
On the big dry bitches.
Twenty-two owls dreaming
About seven large mice.

16271.jpeg Writer Sergei Bobrov in a fantastic book for schoolchildren "Magic antlered" wrote:

Proud Rome trumpeted victory
Over the stronghold of Syracuse;
But the works of Archimedes
A lot more I'm proud of.
We only try
And remember it like it is:
Three - fourteen - fifteen -
Ninety-two and six!

In the phrase "What I know about those?" The number of letters in each word corresponds to the desired number in the record value of pi (3, 1415).

A more sophisticated option for students of technical colleges is this: That I know and remember well - "pi" many signs to me superfluous, in vain "(respectively, 3.14159265358).

And a phrase used by our grandparents, schoolboys: "Who and joking and soon pozhelaet / PI to know the number, uzh znaet." (3.1415926536).

And finally, a poem for connoisseurs of English, which allows to remember the number "Pi" to the twentieth decimal place. In the poem, the number of letters in each word - the desired number:

Sir, I send a rhyme excelling
in sacred truth and rigid spelling.
Numerical sprites elucidate
for me the lexicon's dull weight.

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