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"Odyssey" came up with a woman?

September 12 2006

British historian and linguist Andrew Delbi advanced the theory that the author of "The Odyssey" and "Iliad" is not a blind poet, and a woman.

In his book, "The rediscovery of Homer" Delbi wrote that the name of Homer is associated with the above poems through labor "Life of Homer. The authorship of this text erroneously attributed to Herodotus - in fact the author of this text is unknown.

The first mention of Homer says that he lived in a 800-s BC. However, as suggested Delbi, based on the geographical details in the poems, one may conclude that they were written in a much later time. Thus, these data indicate a year compiling the Iliad - 650 BC, and the "Odyssey" - 630 BC.

Poems - the only source of information about the identity of their author. Andrew Delbi believes that their author was a woman. He stressed that in many cultures it is women who passed on knowledge from generation to generation, as in ancient times and now. In addition, not a secret name and gender of the first poet, or rather the poet. Her name was Enheduanna and she lived around 2285-2250 years BC.

The author of "Re-opening of Homer" also believes that the presence of bright female images in the "Odyssey" and the increasing number of scenes from everyday life can be explained by the fact that the author's life occurred some changes.

This is not the first discovery of the role of women scientists in the field of literature in recent times. Recently, Valerie Peredayz, literary critic, has conducted studies and found that the most famous tales of the Brothers Grimm were dictate them women.

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"Most scientists agree that women were a source of oral tradition for centuries, largely because they were uneducated and could not put it in writing" - says Peredayz.

The researcher believes that the educated men of that time did not relate to the tales as a serious genre of literature. The most popular fairy stories enjoyed by children, old women and nurses.

Peredayz studied the correspondence of brothers with each other, their correspondence with friends, as well as drafts, in which many quotations, written in haste.

Just know the name of only one woman who supplied the Jacob and Wilhelm certain subjects, including all known "Cinderella". Her name was Dorothea Wichmann, and it was a simple peasant woman.

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