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Unexpected manifestation of global warming

August 9 2006

Global warming occurs. In the most unexpected of its manifestations. Under the threat turned out to be the Mediterranean Sea. Rather swimmers, who are willing to spend their free time at his hospitable shore. The fact that they will be faced with very real sharks, killer. True, it will happen no earlier than 15 years, so consider Italian experts.

The fact is that due to global warming sea temperature has been increasing steadily, so the appearance of sharks off the coast of Italy is quite predictable.

At the same time, according to experts from Central Institute for the Exploration of the Sea Silvestro Greco, bathers still too early to worry about: sharks can survive only in very clean water. If the current rate of pollution of the Mediterranean Sea will remain, 15 years after the water is too dirty for these marine predators.

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Also, global warming is an unusual effect on the Alpine mountains. Their height is currently growing and a role in this process is global warming.

Research team from the University of Milan, led by Valentina Barletta constantly monitor what is happening. Their findings to scientists based on the new computer model, which assumes that at time scales from years to millennia the Earth's surface behaves as a kind of liquid.

To explain the model Valentina Barletta proposes to submit a substance similar to honey or molasses, but millions of times more viscous. If the surface of a liquid to put a heavy object, it will drop to as long as the force of gravity will be balanced by the buoyant force that holds the body afloat. If the subject is removed, the lower the fluid level will be restored for some time.
As the researchers said the same thing happens with the Alps. As glaciers melt mountains relieved of their severity, and very slowly move upward.

Most of all, this process occurs in the French Alps near Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe. The process of "elevation" of this mountain range is associated with a reduction of glaciers and other geological reasons - from plate tectonics to erosion.

Glaciers are shrinking almost continuously since 1850, and recently the pace of this process is accelerating because of global warming. But even if the glaciers completely disappear, increasing the height of the Alps does not stop, because to achieve full mechanical relaxation would take hundreds or thousands of years.

By the way, experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology proposed a radical way to combat global warming. They offered to put carbon dioxide, which is known to contribute to this process, in cavities under the oceans. There's enough space for almost unlimited number of CO2. And the idea of transforming CO2 into a liquid state and its subsequent storage are quite feasible technically, although causing some concern. In the case of leaking gas harm the marine ecosystem.

eoreticheski CO2 can be pumped to a depth of about 3 thousand meters under the seabed. High pressure and low temperatures should help to turn carbon dioxide into a liquid state. Its density is higher than the surrounding water. According to the scientists, this trap will be completely safe, even in the case of several major earthquakes.

Constantine Woodpeckers

On materials: PRAVDA / Interfax , Membrana , Air Force

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