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In the future, Earth capture horrible monsters?

July 7 2010

What is even more regrettable, but self-fulfilling prophecy known science fiction by HG Wells - approximately 100,000 years within the species Homo sapiens will be two subspecies, which will have characteristic differences between them.

The hero of the book Wells' The Time Machine "tells his friends an incredible story of how he visited the 802,701 year. Traveling in time, he met in the distant future, representatives of the two differing types. This Eloi - weak and the small creatures living on earth in paradise conditions, and the Morlocks - creatures living below ground slaves eloev.

Evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry from the London School of Economics suggested a fantastic idea, which assumes the appearance of two subspecies within the species Homo sapiens. He believes that there will be two human class. The first - the elite - high, healthy, attractive and intelligent people, second - "genetic garbage", creating ugly, something similar to goblins.

In the near future, fantasizing Curry, people will be higher. The average growth, according to scientists, will vary between 180 and 210 centimeters. With the development of medicine people will live longer - about 120 years.

Physical ability of man, his health and reproductive status markedly improved. Men become more athletic, their voice ogrubeet and penis size increase. Women also change - they will have big eyes, smooth skin, pretty figure. Racial differences that exist today, "smooth".

However, after 10,000 years, people pay a high price for that in due time began to use high-tech genetic development. Curry believes that at this moment - people will somehow resemble domesticated animals. As is known, the genetic variability of domestic animals is very low.

He believes that social skills - communication and joint activities - are eliminated, along with emotional manifestations - love, sympathy, trust, respect, etc. People lose the ability to work as a team and become even more selfish.

Due to the weakening of the immune system increase their susceptibility to various diseases. The choice of sexual partner change, too - it will lead to increasing genetic inequality. The logical result of the above will be marked by the emergence of two human subtypes, similar to eloyami and the Morlocks of Wells.

Version of Oliver Curry - the scientific imagination, based, however, the real threats. A scientist tries to warn some researchers, who, in his creative impulse can take irreparable. Curry believes that any scientific and practical development, which has a short-term gains can lead to undesirable consequences in the future.

Artem Nedoluzhko

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