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Scientists from NASA have discovered a mysterious anomaly in Earth orbit

March 4 2008

Astronomers have found an anomaly in Earth orbit. The four spacecraft flying around the earth, showed an unusual change in velocity. A similar case has already been observed for about ten years ago with the spacecraft Pioneer.

Once on the outside of the solar system, apparatus Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 "suddenly got not predicted by the calculations of acceleration directed towards the Sun. Scientists have advanced a lot of theories - and a leak of fuel gas from fuel tanks, and almost did not propose to revise the entire theory of gravity - simple answer, and any explanation has been found.

Currently, NASA has been studying the anomaly, whose actions were the Pioneers, but the astronomer John Anderson, the first time experienced the very same "Pioneer" anomaly, turned his attention to another. It turned out that when the gravitational maneuvers near planets spacecraft also get a small, but quite a substantial kinetic energy that do not fit in the preliminary calculations.

Scientists working with Andersen, have collected quite an impressive "anomalous" the dossier. At various times, performing maneuvers near the Earth using its gravitational field, the spacecraft Galileo (mission to Jupiter), NEAR (to the asteroid Eros), "Rosetta" (the comet Churov-Gerasimenko), "Cassini" (to Saturn) experienced the effect of the anomaly.

Andersen and his research team also studied the history of flight, the spacecraft "Messenger", which took place in almost identical conditions, but no anomalies were found. "Messenger" approached the Earth at 31 degrees north latitude and drifted away at about 32 degrees south latitude. Apparently, due to this symmetry about the equator speed change apparatus was negligible. Perhaps that is why no abnormalities to reveal it was not possible. Such conclusions were made based on the Andersen story of flight of the probe NEAR, which, like many other devices, which showed abnormal changes in speed, had the flight path is not symmetrical about the equator. In NEAR change in velocity with distance from the Earth was at 13 millimeters per second is greater than originally calculated.

Probably circumplanetary anomaly and anomaly "Pioneer" have a common origin. On their similarity says at least the fact that the Pioneers have shown abnormalities in orbit around the Sun, while the remaining units - the Earth. Plus, similar changes in speed were recorded and near other planets. Under assumptions of scientists from NASA, this similarity is explained by one mechanism, but how - remains a mystery. Investigations are continuing anomalies. In particular, it will analyze the data on changes in the speed of the spacecraft Rosetta, "which should come closer to Earth, November 13, 2008.

Gregory Tumanov


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