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The new version of the death of the dinosaurs is confirmed

December 1 2006

Why is the face of the Earth's dinosaurs disappeared? Scientists argue about this for a long time, endlessly propose and refute many hypotheses, but it seems that only now closer to the truth.

New research led by Ken MacLeod of the University of Missouri-Columbia, shows that the dinosaurs disappeared as a result of the unit of exposure. The scientist claims that his group found substantial evidence to support this hypothesis.

Researchers believe that at the end of the Cretaceous period 65.5 million years ago an asteroid collided with the Earth (about 9.6 km in diameter), falling on the territory of modern Mexico and formed a crater 177 km. Later he was named Chiksulubsky crater. Most likely, the fall of the Yucatan meteorite sparked a series of powerful earthquakes and tsunamis, and raised at the impact dust shield the Earth from the sun's rays, causing the death of plants and then animals, dependent on plant foods. It is also possible on the planet has been a sharp cold spell, later replaced by the hot period, during which the observed effects of drought, numerous fires and loss of acid rain.

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Ultimately, dinosaurs, the predominant one on earth for 160 million years old, were destroyed. Thus, disappeared marine reptiles mozazavry and plesiosaur, flying reptiles pretozavry, ommonity and many species of plankton. The birds suffered losses but survived. Mammals, too, have experienced relatively good global catastrophe, and this period dominated the planet before Homo sapiens.

Similar findings scientists made by examining samples of sedimentary rocks sampled in the area of an underwater mountain range, Demerara River in the Atlantic Ocean (approximately 4.5 thousand kilometers from the Yucatan). The researchers were able to explore a unique layer of rocks, consisting of geological material associated with the strong impact occurring just at the time of the disappearance of many species of marine planktonic organisms and the dinosaurs. At the same time, in the studied samples were not found traces of some other factors that could point to many factors scenario loss of ancient dinosaurs.

Incidentally, an interesting fact in the life of dinosaurs. In the Field Museum in Chicago kept the remains of an amazing prehistoric fish under the Latin name Dunkleosteus terrelli. The main feature of these monsters - the power of their bite. Fish clutched his jaw with incredible force - 5,000 Newtons. This figure exceeded even the main character "Jaws" and "Deep Blue Sea".

U.S. researchers Mark Vestneart and Philip Anderson argue that it is more that some large dinosaurs.

As is known, the hit parade "the most biting" the storm is headed dinosaurs - Tyrannosaurus Rex, who tore his victim jaws with a force up to 13,000 Newtons. For example, a medic African savannah - Hyena - bite the bone, using force, not exceeding two thousand Newtons. People and does seem, frank weaklings in this ranking. "The crown of nature" exchanging their powerful jaws to increase the volume of the brain and, from an evolutionary point of view, acted properly.

p align = "justify"> After examining the fossils of ancient fish reaches a length of 10 meters, the scientists have developed a biomechanical model of Dunkleosteus. They said that the teeth of the sea monsters were arranged in such a way that could withstand the incredible pressure. The upper part of the canines, for example, stands about 150 million Pascal.

Essence refers to a very diverse group of armored fishes, whose body was chained in a kind of armor. Peopled by an ancient sea monster in the Devon, in the period from 415 to 360 million years ago.

Dunkleosteus could incredibly fast razevat his terrible mouth, decorated with sharp teeth - that is why he missed one fiftieth of a second. This created a suction force, and the victim, often ended up "at lunch" without much effort on the part of the predator.

Geometrically not very correct body hardly made this fish sprinter, so this type of hunting was for her the most convenient.

Until now, scientists have known for fish, have a strong bite, or quickly Spreading its jaws. Researchers have no idea about the existence of organisms that can combine both functions.

Constantine Dyatlov

On materials: Cnews,, CNN

Константин Дятлов

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