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"Petrov,": a brief history of genuine drive

September 29 2006

Our music is NOT FOR SALE! (C) "Petrov,

First there was shock, and another goose on the back.

Mid-90's, I'm sitting in the kitchen, listening to music, and it inserts with the first chords. I do not believe my ears, my head does not fit, so that we play. This is a genuine drive, an unprecedented experiment under the enigmatic title "Petrov,".

I had no idea then that in ten years I'll talk to an active member of the legendary St. Petersburg team, a veteran of the domestic hard-core scenes and just an interesting person Dmitry Petrov.

Dmitry, tell how to begin a glorious campaign "Bonzo" to the masses?

The history of the team is incredibly complicated and confusing, as the composition of participants, and on creative and progressive movement. The history of all this ugliness should still with the group "Bad Influence", where I met the drummer Igor Mosin, with which we, as a permanent rhythm section flows smoothly from one musical incarnation to another.

"Bad Influence" was formed somewhere in the 88-89 year and played gothic new wave, successfully speaking in St. Petersburg and in every regional festivals of the former USSR. The Group takes part in the famous program "John Peel show on BBC radio and heats at a concert in Moscow, the famous« Sonic Youth ».

In 1990, the "DV" is invited to tour to West Germany - the Berlin Wall, incidentally, was still intact and unharmed. The tour was in joint performances with the German punk and hard-core groups in 10 different cities of Germany. It was then that we are inside and in full volume acquainted with this grand area referred to as hard-core. We can say that this trip is fundamentally influenced our musical world. Faced with a new sound, new supply, energy of this music, we were overwhelmed, shocked, fascinated. That was new uncharted path, new horizons, new opportunities.

We were particularly inspired creativity «FUGAZI», «BAD BRAINS», «NO MEANS NO», «VICTIMS FAMILY». On returning home, there was a necessity to implement new ideas, but, as you know, new ideas on the old ground can not grow. So we began to play with Igor new material, as well as search for new musicians capable of organically coexist in the music space. In the end, and appeared team called "Petrov,". At different time with us muzytsirovali: Andy Kordyukov (ex "little brother", "17 pilots in the Fire"), Gennady Larichkin (now the leader of the Count. "Berlin"), Sergei Sokolov (now gr. "Truth"), Andrew Mashnin ( gr. "Mashnin Band"), Andrew Gradovich (gr. "Yugenshtil" now "2 Aircraft"), Roman Boiko, Ilya Orlov, Dan Gutsenko.

It was a good time?

90-ies remain for me, probably the lightest stage of the musical life of Peter. Many musicians have outgrown the Leningrad Rock Club, who by this time degenerated into a self-contained closed-caste structure, giving semi-official with elitism inherent in this system and mutual responsibility.

Somehow unnoticed rock club ceased to exist - began a new era. On the basis of the newly opened club "TAM-TAM" A whole mount remarkable ensembles: Birotsefaly, Chimera, Call, Spitfire, spiders, dolphins, TekilaDzhazzz, Five Points, etc. (Sorry if someone did not name).

Then, as I thought, no one thought about the money, commercial success, playing for themselves, their friends, played because this was an internal need. It was an atmosphere in which to experiment and do not look like a snob, it was natural. Those who played hard-core in the early 90's, were very close - not necessarily musically - rather it was the general attitude towards life.

uzyka - especially rock music - can not live in isolation, without the creative exchange of ideas. Any direction gradually peters out in its own foam. What could be more repulsive than duplicating its own past. I have always been important to make steady progress. Henry Rollins once said: "The past does not exist. Every day you have to prove yourself that you're still alive. "

And yet what a group "Petrov,"?

Analyze the music "Petrov," I have no desire. Since, depending on your mood, you can fall either in self-praise, or in self-flagellation. The only thing it may be noted that the reef structure of the compositions played with a group of cruel joke. From each of our songs could easily make five or six separate things, and we just throw around ideas. And yet we are consciously trying not to be bound by any concept, for us it was natural to combine almost incompatible styles. Sometimes it looked strained, sometimes funny, but has never been trivial.

Among the informal youth talk that hard-core die ... What do you think?

Like all positive-passionary phenomenon, hard-core dies in the foreseeable future. While in the world, there is social tension, hard-core will be replenished with fresh blood of radical and indifferent young people.

The old generation goes, comes a new generation, the process continues - all natural. Not everyone is able to maintain a proactive stance. However, the sad fact that the declining social pathos. When I see a guy who works as a manager in the Bank, and in the evenings playing hard-core group (instead of blowing up this BANK) makes me sad.

And yet it seems to me that we must finally put an end to competition in the so-called alternative music. Unites and again unites, regardless of genre. It is unfortunate that disappeared the concept of "People of good will." I want a positive counter and confront the whole glossy glamorous coterie.

Recently addicted to external attributes, often overlooking the inner world. The desire to look fashionable, grows into a kind of general hysteria. Unfortunately, these sentiments are transferred to the musical material, the music begin to dilute, to lick up to the limit, everything is so clean and smooth, which causes nausea. Disappears veutrenny nerve, allowed dirt, which makes rock music rock music.

I wonder who are your listeners?

To be honest, I do not know what to answer this question. While the group "Petrov," there was, I knew about ten people who really liked, and they were all musicians. That's why I was surprised by the question of "the legendary group Petrov,".

Having existed for about six years, having played many concerts both in our country and abroad, releasing two albums, the band ceased to exist. I think we have exhausted the internal potential, and bored of each other. Now I am doing a new project called "GRANDSHATLBANDA.

This, of course, nothing to do with hard crust has not. For me it's a completely different style, but I was always interested in everything new. At the moment, we recorded an album, but still in search of the Publisher.

Interviewed by Tomahawk

Константин Дятлов

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