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Prize "Record-2007" estimated the number of CDs sold

November 28 2007

On November 26, BB "Cosmos" was IX Award ceremony of the Russian music industry, "Record-2007". This is one of the few awards, which is awarded solely on objective measures of popularity: the legal sales of CDs and tapes, the volume of legal digital sales and a real rotation on radio tracks domestic and foreign artists.

Given the fact that the past few years downloading music from the Internet - including the free sites - has become much more accessible, cheaper and more popular than buying a CD-ROM drive, watch the award was doubly interesting.

Of the winners really no one came, the results of the award are too predictable, and very premium, unlike last year, is boring. More than half the guests were men, one way or another involved in the record companies.

Giving ceremony was held in the style of 007. Though it may sound, at first glance, it's interesting, but in fact turned out to be terribly primitive and gray. Valdis Pelsh, appeared from behind the scenes on a powerful motorcycle in the company of DJ Katrin Vesna, immediately made a "blunder", forgetting his text, but quickly proved itself before a small audience: "Well it's the same concert footage, you understand."

In the category of "classic album" Turetsky Choir won the plate "Great music", leaving behind me a great Vivaldi and Shostakovich. After the solemn thanks Mikhail Turetsky and handing him a statuette of Horus was followed by a boring speech in its entirety.

Group "A-Studio" delighted a live performance of their already become a hit song "Angel." Behind the scenes, lead singer of Katie Topuria hiding in the corners with Vova from the team «Uma2rman», which later appeared on stage at the company's bass player, masterfully accompanies them in a Russian song with a French chorus, "Paris."

There were also "Prime Minister" in the new line-up - pale and uninteresting, so even with the periodically turn off the microphone.

"Brilliant" - which magically reappeared Nadia pen and shine the younger Friske - with the song "In the subject" - "007". Beautiful girls dance, do not say anything, but clothes do not concede attire "Via Gra".

"On-on" - yet another wonderful reunion and they never broke up? I did not understand, but was horrified to see these peasants under 40 with their bare torsos. Song in English, a favorite once girls and now have moms Politov with long hair and the elements of BDSM with the choreography - oh, why 10 years later, "na-na" are still trying to speak, albeit rarely?

Papa Na-naytsev "Bari Alibasov, attracted the attention of journalists to the person still in the hall of the Cosmos" before the awards, burnt on stage no less than themselves, "na-na". He told me everything about CD-sales, the popularity of "overseas" artists, and made room to laugh to tears. His behavior, he recalled the famous rowdy Otara Kushianashvili, only more quietly.

Now about those whose fans were not too lazy to spend 120 rubles for a license disc. It is thanks to these people (and there are every year becoming less and less) Award "Record" is still there, and artists still are nominated and receive the deserved statuettes.

The heroine of the evening was, sadly, the singer Maksim. For his first album "Hard age" she has received three awards: Debut, Album Artist and Music DVD.Because of the tour she was not present at delivery, so all the applause, flowers and congratulations for her getting a representative record company, which released an album. On that occasion, he did not hesitate to advertise released two weeks ago, the second album by Maksim. "We hope that the second plate does not remain without attention and will receive the award next year" - he smiled the man.

But not only this year, Maksim unspeakably lucky. She has unanimously called discovery of the year, and shares its laurels with the artist of the year - Dima Bilan. As many have noticed, they collect the most statues at all the music awards. At the award "Record 2007" plate Bilan "Vremya-river" became "Album of the Year. Neither the singer nor Yana Rudkovskaya hall was not, so pick a prize out of the office lady Bilan. Terror in another: won it by heart read in advance a written text, which looked disgusting. What kind of talented creative people working for Bilan, even if the text, and then the curve written, they have to learn in advance?

Fully "get" and foreign artists. Specially established for them three nominations - Album of the foreign artist "," Music DVD of the foreign artist "and" radiochemical foreign artist. " In the first category winner Nelly Furtado work «Loose». Award was presented to her Alain Sviridov. Although "it was presented - loudly, as Nelly in the hall, like many other artists, and especially foreign ones, were not observed. Statue of the singer took a representative of the record company Universal Music with words: "All night Nelly wrote a duet with Russian performers. Now in America, 11 am, and I imagine, as we called her after a sleepless night and say that she won. " Alain Sviridov wedged with a bad joke: "And what a Russian artist? Probably crest.

The prize for foreign musical DVD «Touring The Angel (Live in Milan) was a group of« Depeche Mode », not« Pink Floyd »or even, thank God,« Tokio Hotel ». Music Browser Izvestia, who was trusted to declare a winner, could not resist a comment: "On behalf of all music journalists like to say thanks, that did not win the group« Tokio Hotel », and one of the more civilized groups.

The leader among foreign radiohitov was the song of Shakira - «Hips don't lie», among domestic - Valeria - "My Tenderness".

Best soundtrack called "Not Born Beautiful." Before you open the envelope, do not forget to remember Mikhail Kozyrev, who in modern get-together to remember indecent. It was he who had once long ago introduced the concept of culture "Soundtrack."

Special prize for the best "live" concert performance was given a true rocker in leather pants Valery Kipelovo and his eponymous band for a concert at Luzhniki Stadium on October 18. Note - the symbol Award "Record" - to them personally handing politician Andrey Kovalev, has repeatedly opposed the use of phonograms. He immediately asked Kipelov sing something live, and uncle Valera happily blew hall a few lines of bored "hit" "I'm free!"

Best-selling "album of the group" was the album "Out of range" of "City 312", so long clambering to the heights of glory. Guys, one of the few artists present at the awarding themselves out to receive a statuette, in the words of gratitude to denote the award as the most honest, the results of which podtosovat impossible. As it turned out later, "City 312" would very much like to speak to the return of "record" and arrived at the "Space" only because of this.But in a speech he refused, saying it that the program they are not, and therefore speak they will not. And sorry, despite my personal distaste for "Gorod 312", I think their performance would have been very good against all the other boring artists, speakers on that day.

Novelties in the list of nominations, the prize "Record-2007", which has been decided to hand this year, became not only the aforementioned "Album Artist", "Album Artist" album "and" DVD ", and" keeping up with the times and actively winning contemporary music market, "category" ringtone ", the winner of which was the group BandEros" with the song "Columbia Pictures does not present" and "ringback tones"

(RBT), which got a prize for the group "Modern Talking" c composition «You Are My Heart, You Are My Soul».

In addition to the enrichment award as much 6-Thew new nominations, the list of missing the category "Internet sales." Expert advice "Record" explained by the fact that most of the money, the proceeds of the sale of products via the Internet, go into the pockets of the owners of sites, rather than performers, creators and owners of the songs. Accordingly, the legal sales compared with the real is very low, and data on them does not match the actual popularity of music.

With several categories and at all incident occurred. The category "Collection", "Collection of foreign performers," Media Collection "and" Premium-to-disk had been declared in the program award, but has not handed over without any explanations. For us they were a sort of "ghost Prize.

The next year, organizers of the "Record-2007" is planning to establish another category and genre: "Jazz," "Russian Rock", "Popular classics (crossover)," Russian Chanson "," R'n'b "," Heavy metal and others. Thus, in their view, the premium is closer to its foreign world counterparts - Award «Grammy». What they seem promising, it seems funny.

Winners - announced, figurines - handed. Award "Record-2007" to the sound of firecrackers closed group "Band'Eros" with the song "On a beautiful life." It is worth noting that this was the most incendiary and interesting presentation of the evening. A song about a beautiful life organizers «Grammy», to which we still grow and grow. Unsuccessfully.

Anna Pavlova


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