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Last call of the "Aria"

May 28 2007

In the streets of the capital since early morning walks students wrapped in red ribbon with gold lettering. Loud, happy and still naive - Last Call, May 25. On this day they were to be found anywhere: in the center, on the outskirts of bathing in fountains and drink vodka for a tree (so klassnuha not seen). A certain number were in the area of KFOR MAI. Last Friday, there is a concert "Aria."

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Last call - a precursor of the exhaust, it is also worth mentioning, so to remember. Standard kit: songs dedicated to the first and last teacher, first-grader, the bell ringing, sightseeing tours in Moscow - this is everything, of course, great. But much as something quite elusive. Here go to a concert of your favorite band on this day - wow! It's about-ho-ho! This is a day to remember. Some did. At 30 degrees of heat on the street and the same number within KFOR, the students took off their white and wet with sweat shirt and left to dangle on his chest a red ribbon, which also could squeeze. At eight o'clock in the evening, spinning in the hands of the shirts and folded into goat toes, soared, cutting hot air - "Aria" appeared on the scene.

Udalov banging on drums, it was urine. Happy smiling madman there. Take away from him those sticks, he will fight to the installation head. He seemed born to the rhythm, and grew to the rhythm. The rhythm in my head, no rhythm - no life. So should a good drummer drumming.

Hostinin ... Oh Holstinin, he is 70 will also charismatic. Conquering girlish fluttering of the heart, hidden behind the black-and-black T-shirts. Awkwardly made-up black eye pencil, to get to the stage and tolerate the pressure of the crowd behind, for the most part everything is also addressed to you. Feel the charm of intelligence.

Berkut loves the microphone stand. Popoet-popoet without it and then run up, like a beloved woman, and let's grab: up and down, up and down. Several times he had deserted as if to jump into the hall, but at the edge of the stage dramatically inhibited, a prankster. Once struck by all the new variation of the moon walking, non-slip feet on the floor and jumped up and down, moving the leg over the other. What does not impress the older fans - fans smiling.

Popov permanently divided mineral water, a drink will do - into the crowd, a drink - in the crowd. How many bottles have spent on the hungry? Good-natured.

One Dubinin was just playing. It's nice - just play. Simple and good to play "Aria" for 20 years.

Why not make the final call? A climb to the stage to shake hands? Or just fall on your knees and beg for their idols. At worst, a couple of seconds, shaken and fall back into the room, so the guards do not have time for white ruchenki. Everything was so.

Aria played for 2 hours. All songs from "Armageddon", which became poppy "Calm", "Colosseum", and even the old "Hero of the asphalt." Someone was lucky with the last call this year.

Incidentally, today the official release date is "Dance of hell."

Natasha Savchenko


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