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In search of paradise - Paradise Lost

April 28 2006

Gothic-Death-Doom metal as a genre emerged in the early 90's, and today we will try to tell you about its founder - Paradise Lost.
Future legends Paradise Lost formed in 1988 in Halifax (England). Young guys Nick Holmes (vocals), Gregor Mackintosh (lead guitar), Aaron Aedi (guitar), Steve Edmonson (bass) and Matthew Archer (drums), organized a combat strength. The name was taken from a popular poem by English poet John Milton's Paradise Lost. "

The first two "demos" called «Drown in Darkness» and «Frozen Illusion». With these two releases the band and fell into the clutches «Peaceville Records» by mid-1990. Debut album "Lost Paradise" sets the direction for the next ten years the band. Sound "Paradyzovskogo» Doom-Death was reduced to an oppressive and heavy praise the suffering of our society.

The second album has brought long-awaited fame in the metal environment. "Gothic", was released in 1991 and met all expectations. Its oppressive atmosphere, emphasized by the heavy-handedness sound, mellow roar of Nick Holmes and plus to all use of orchestral losses - all these contributed Paradise Lost from the other groups, the direction of Doom-Death. In the songs of Paradise Lost manifested in extreme music unheard melodies, mostly transmitted guitar Greg McIntosh , the main composer of the group. The European tour was in support of rabid fans, a group of Interested major European labels.

Succeeding «Peaceville Records» to «Music For Nations» in 1992, the British recorded the disc "Shades of God". On the album the musicians have sought not only to hammer the same hardware as experimenting with sound. As a result the album was received with enthusiasm by fans and the like "Gothic" became a "golden" classic Paradise Lost As I Die "and" Pity The Sadness "and still playing live.

In the same year was presented to the public mini-disc "As I Die". The title track became a smash hit number 1 in the alternative chat rooms, and the disc sold out instantly. In those years, this track has not heard a muffled or alienated. Constant rotation on television and radio next to Metallica and AC / DC has made an excellent advertising group in the format of MTV. So there was the most famous song of Paradise Lost.

And in 1993 appeared "Icon". Loaded with original melancholy "PL" style album has changed by becoming the very turning point in the band's career. Vocalist Nick Holmes stopped growling his unforgettable growl, and his style began to resemble a James Hetfield (Metallica), Greg Mackintosh sawed more subtle melodies. No wonder that soon they have entrusted to lead the famous Dutch festival Dynamo Open Air, in which Paradise Lost appeared before 100,000 fans. At the end of the 1993rd Matthew Archer replaced Lee Morris.

Most mature work was published in 1995 - the legendary "Draconian Times". Hybrid "Icons" and its oppressive gothic chants with a splash a la Metallica, the album was the most in a career Paradise Lost, to repeat the success group was nesuzhdeno. This album and its unexpected success put the team before a choice: to continue in the same spirit, or do something totally new. Paradise Lost - the guys have chosen the second path.

1997, Paradise Lost have presented the general public drive "One Second", was distinguished clearly an alternative slant, and enriched with synthesized instruments - all the stronger the influence Depechee Mode. "Improved" sound team helped the well-known Swedish producer Sankey, who dealt with before Clawfinger. So Paradise Lost ceased to be a metal band. No, their brand guitar did not disappear, though, and they became less abundant guitar overlapping keys, the so-called samples.

Following the album was followed by a global tour, during which the band went on tour in Russia. The only concert in Moscow was fantastically received by the public, Russia waited.

And so the group went into electronics. Studio "Host" was released in the 1999th on «EMI» gained popularity among the alternates from the synth-goth parties, meanwhile, "Metal hedy" have forgotten the once favorite band. During the U.S. tour the band played a few shows with Ville Vallo of HIM, however, this did not stop fans chanting in unison most famous songs: The Last Time, Enchantment, Hands Of Reason, Gothic, and of course As I Die - Tour received unanimous praise in the press and why the group a new sound?

With new producer John Fraerom group began to prepare a completely new album. John Fraer to PL engaged Nine Inch Nails, and HIM "Believe in Nothing" released in 2001 differed intense sound and the group gradually began to return to the sound «Draconian Time» but the sound was more rock than metal.
His next release of the ninth Paradise Lost called "Symbol of Life", here we have really heard the echoes of the past, the group returned to the aesthetics of Gothic-Doom metal. Nick Holmes, Greg McIntosh, Aaron Aedi, Steve Edmonson and Lee Morris headed by producer Rhys Falberom (Fear Factory), created an album full of explosive energy of earlier releases and has retained a familiar ominous, dreary atmosphere.

In 2003, it the group visited Moscow Festival «Rover Fest» performing at the same stage with Helloween, Masterplan and Aria, the group left with mixed feelings - many songs sung clearly by the "Cell", reviews in the press were mixed.

The last ten plate called trivial - "Paradise Lost" published it in 2005, the year of completing an imaginary circle and returning to the heavy sound of a 10-year-old, gloomy sound, splavivu heavy death metal, doom and gothic metal. Autumn album was presented, and the Russian public. The team presented the audience for a new drummer Jeff Singer (ex-Blaze) instead of the departed Lee Morris and apologized for the lack of Mac Gregor, who underwent a serious operation. The show was much better than their previous visit to Moscow, the band played all their hits, not forgetting As I Die, and finally, Say Just Words.

This concludes our story of the glorious band Paradise Lost and invite you to plunge into their work.

Васильева Камилла

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