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Markscheider Kunst - Jamaica in downtown Moscow

December 24 2007

Markscheider Kunst turned the club B-2 "in hot Jamaica. Few Latin - and on the dance floor began to dance never even danced the rumba. The whole concert was held in a hot environment, more reminiscent of appartment close circle of friends. In addition to already known from previous albums of songs, the guys took a chance and perform a few tracks from the upcoming new album.

Guys pleased exceptional punctuality at the beginning of the concert, not forcing myself to wait long. Referring to fans exclusively epithet "brothers," St. Petersburg team has played one and half a program consisting of both well-known compositions and improvisations from the tireless wind component group. Spectators are not only incendiary shake a leg and singing, but did not want to go on stage Mkunst. Still - is not enough that the musicians gave an inexhaustible charge of positive energy at the end of work week, but also intrigued fans the news that the next meeting be held no earlier than February. That's when the musicians scheduled to exit the tenth album.

Group leader Sergey Efremenko, he's EDF, gladly posing before cameras, and has already sung "Chao chao" and saying goodbye, again appeared on the scene.

- What would you sing such sad, that would have all gone home? Or conversely, provocatively, that the forces would continue to dance no more? - Asks the assembled holder enormously long braids.

Singing at the end thing, containing the text of a familiar movie on same combination of letters "KY", gentlemen musicians congratulated all a Happy New Year and bowed, retreated backstage.

From the "Dictionary of Foreign Words": "Surveyor [it. Markscheider] - mining engineer or technician, a specialist on the space-geometric measurements in the ground and in the relevant sections of its surface. Since then the image on the plans, maps and sections for mining and geological exploration. In yet another translation from the German name means "the art of separation boundaries."
"What a special, hidden meaning in the name of the load itself does not bear, and all that we tell in response to questions about its nature and origin - an absolute fabrication and a provocation" - as explained by its name musicians on the official site. And while adding, for more convincing, and especially for the meticulous journalists, has been called so pozakovyristee that would be impossible to pronounce and remember.

Their songs blows tequila, sunny Jamaican reggae, jazz, tireless, intelligent humor in the lyrics, positive vibrations Latino, Cuban mood, and an infectious movement. Guys can check out the sounds not only of the many drums, guitars and wind instruments, but even from the usual computer keyboard. This "tool" and the skills they demonstrated in front of guys very surprised by the public.

A single word - the texts. In fact - to treat them as an independent poetic unit is simply meaningless. It is a dramatic addition to the instrumental series. But taken out of the musical accompaniment texts are charismatic, almost philosophical mantras, able to just total depression at times.

Surveyor Kunst formed in St. Petersburg in 1992. Then, it consisted of students of the Mining Institute. Students have long been weaned, and the very composition of the team has changed several times. The present-day members "Surveying the motion in the amount of eight people, freely available on the same stage and are able to do something that makes people smile.

Mkunst has long captivated the ears of music lovers not only in the St. Petersburg-Moscow club scene. Guys since 1995 actively go to Germany and Finland at various festivals.Now the group is one of the best known creative units, performing world music.

The general public the group became known after the release of the screens the film "Peter FM» with songs Kvasa-Kvasa and Happiness @ ru from the album "In Touch".

In a nutshell Mkunst can be characterized as follows: the most reliable means of spleen. Recommended for use in unlimited doses during the shortage of positive emotions, solar and any other activity. Warning: addictive and uncontrollable desire to indulge in a dance. Side effects: after burning dance definitely sore muscles.

Elena Pakhomenko


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