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Ripper will come up to you - Children Of Bodom return

April 24 2006

History of Children Of Bodom began in spring 1993 at a time when high school students of a school in the city of Espoo (near Helsinki), Alexi Laiho and Jaska Raatikainen decided to create a Death-metal team. From the initial title «Inearthed» Team existed before recording the debut album in 1997. The first demo «Inearthed» came out in 1994 and contained only four songs. Called the creation of «Ubiquitos Absence Of Remission». Second opus «Shining» was recorded in 1996 and also consisted of four songs. The band's style in those days can be defined as Death-Thrash metal. The first major record was recorded with his own money, since the labels of Finland does not relish another formation in style nabivshem mouth.

Before the release of the album «Something Wild» remained a matter of days when «Inearthed» caught the eye of the boss «Spinefarm Records» Evo Ritkinenu. The Panel received a long-awaited contract to record three albums. The label insisted on changing the name - a dark and murderous Children Of Bodom.

Name «Children of Bodom», reminds all the Finns on the tragic events of 1960. In that year an unknown maniac taken the lives of three teenagers, vacationing in the 20 km from Helsinki on Lake Bodom, and disappeared into nowhere. His bloodthirsty image (Reaper) with a scythe in the hands adorned on all albums.

In November 1997 debut album, Children Of Bodom «Something Wild» I saw the whole Suomi. Just one month later the guys were support band at a concert Dimmu Borgir (Black-metal) in Helsinki. At this statement the group said German label «Nuclear Blast». Soon after the album «Something Wild» begins to thunder across Europe and even beyond in Japan. More than 60,000 records sold in the first year, it was undoubtedly a triumph even very young children.

The main difference between the style Children Of Bodom from all other groups, this is without doubt a guitar technician. Classical piano melodies and complex solo Alexi Laiho, intertwined with at least technically second guitar riffs Ale Kuoppala. It is believed that the electric guitar solo is not hard enough and brutal for Death-metal, and it should not pay attention to - «COB» long ago convinced us otherwise. In the music of Children Of Bodom is definitely viewed the influence of the classical Power-metal, Death, and even Black-metal. Sam frontman Alexi Laiho - a big fan of artists such as electric Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and lover of classical music.

Further advances fell on the group as a horn of plenty. The first single, unsophisticated name «Children Of Bodom» immediately hit the national music chart in Finland. Number one memorable song lasted nearly eight weeks. Screaming (screaming vocals), Alexi Laiho, became his hallmark, as well as "torment" of the guitar on stage during a performance.

In early 1998 the band went into the first round, along with the likes of metal, as Hypocrisy and Kovenant. The tour was a resounding success, however, keyboardist Janne did not take part in it because of final exams at school. On the tour, he replaced fellow musicians Erna. The second round under the auspices of Nuclear Blast was held in September of that year. In tandem with Gorgoroth (Black-Death), Dismember (Black) and Raise Hell (Thrash-Death).

Since the beginning of 1999's album «Hatebreeder», which was definitely the best predecessor, the Olympian "faster, heavier and more diverse." Explosive mixture of the Melodic-Death of Swedish school with a classic German Power-metal a la Helloween. The single «Downfall» preceding the album like the first «COB» was in the Finnish charts and went gold.This meant that the guys can earn a living creation, and not to seek additional work. Even such well-known Finns as Moonsorrow forced to look for jobs in the industry of the country.

In April 1999, Children Of Bodom gave two sold-out concert in St Petersburg together with Impaled Nazarene (Black-metal). In summer 1999, the band swept the concerts in Europe, but the main thing in Japan with Dark Tranquillity (Sweden Melodic-Death). Speeches were held with the same success, collecting 1500-2000 spectators. In the autumn followed by another tour with In Flames (Sweden Melodic-Death), Dark Tranquillity and Arch Enemy (Melodic-Death to the extreme female vocals).

In July 2000, Children Of Bodom went into the studio by Peter Tägtgren «Abyss» write «Follow The Reaper». At the end of October in Finland published their long awaited album «Follow the Ripper».
Major hits album, by far the best «Every Time I Die», (a couple of months it was filmed a video clip) and a hurricane «Hate Me». The album closes with melodic and piercing «Kissing the Shadows».

Then, in the activities of the group came a little lull, interrupted in mid-2002 release of the single «You're Better Off Dead». And in October 2002, musicians began to record his next masterpiece, «Hate Crew Deathroll». The album was launched in the national charts with the first position. The most solid and intelligent work of the collective: that is not a song, then hit. The album sounds the same breath, you forget all the sounds: Needled 24 / 7, Sixpounder, Bodom Beach Terror, Your're Better Off Dead and Hate Crew Deathroll.

In 2003, the most beloved team in Finland after the performances at several major festivals in the country, has finally arrived to Moscow. Sold-out performance at DK Gorbunova left nobody indifferent. Even without a guitarist Ale Kuoppala (unexpectedly left the band in the middle of the tour and was replaced Roop Latvala) "The kids' lit. At the moment it's their last visit to Russia.

With the release of their new album «Are You Dead Yet?» C in September 2005 strongly rumors about the imminent arrival of «Children Of Bodom» in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Most likely it will happen in the autumn of 2006, or immediately after a speech at the biggest German Wacken Open Air festival in August. Ripper will return for you ...

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