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How to win Eurovision

May 19 2011

British composer and professor of musicology, Derek Scott admitted that, creating new songs, it includes these topics of the songs, won the Eurovision. Professor confident that solved the code to success and love song listeners. According to him, his method will cause the melt hearts of viewers who did not hesitate to give contestant highest rating - 12 points.

"We know that the Balkans have always perform well at Eurovision, and it seems they like the mustache. Blue just did not realize how much power have a mustache. But if you want to get the most votes from Montenegro and Turkey, just need to grow a mustache" - Scott says, himself a mustache and long hair.

How to win Eurovision. 16612.jpeg To create a recipe for a perfect presentation, Professor of bones made out record of the last 50 contests. Mustache - not the main component of success, Scott notes, but any kind of visual element in the retro style will help "sell" the song of a certain range of viewers.

"I've long been interested in the Eurovision Song Contest, and my interest has become even stronger due to the sad results, which shows the UK - admits Scott. - One of the mistakes - I think that Eurovision - the contest of national songs. The event was created to to show all the different songs of different nations, but first and foremost, this entertaining contest, and it can not be dismissed. "

In his study, Professor makes the brackets politically motivated vote, the opinion of the media and entertainment program for each of the contestants - it is only interested in the song and nothing else. Obviously successful theme, according to Scott - it's enjoyment of life, recreation, chanting something, longing or parody.

"This is a proven theme. Choosing one of them, you'll save yourself from some of the problems. With love everything is different - with such songs they may arise. The audience is huge, and how to know exactly who to address my song?" Some are married, others are not. A more general approach can provide more votes, "- advises Scott.

Beautiful gestures during his speech as to favor contestant: "Everyone remembers the Bucks Fizz, who tore their clothes during the speech - it's a good idea. Oddly enough, this year, many countries have decided to use the rooms," false "Trumpet."

Tempo of the song to be optimistic, but not too fast so as not to alienate people, for the first time hearing this track. All successful (in terms of votes cast for them) songs rhythm were similar. Verse and chorus do not have to get out beyond 16 bars. And at the end of the verse would be good to raise the tone - that perfectly able to do the Swedes.

The band Blue, according to Scott, was a good chance of winning: "Blue - one of the best British artists over the past few years. They have a good reputation in Europe, and the Germans really love them. Their songs are many features required for success : rhythm, major key, and a retro touch, as this group are associated mainly with the past decade. Their songs feel the desire - "I can, I will, I know." Most people in other countries know these verbs.

They do not have - so it is raising pitch at the end: maybe they thought it would go too far. A piece of "verse-chorus" consists of 24 clock cycles, whereas people better remember the 16-clock fragments.However, the main danger lies in the fact that their songs are difficult beginning - it is difficult to understand exactly when to enter, and at a live concert it could be catastrophic. I remember that was the case with Jemini - they stumbled at the start, resulting in the song falls apart. "

Comedy and a parody of Eurovision loves, and winner of 2006, the Finnish band Lordi, perfectly fit into these requirements: "Heavy metal - a moral responsibility, so the comic moments defy the expectations of the public."

Based on their observations, Scott wrote "perfect song" called Be Nice to Nice People ("Be kind to good people"). It has all the ingredients for success identified by the professor, who will save the song from the worst - the dangers are not earning any points in the final voting of TV viewers. Scott explains that this is a serious political and moral message is guaranteed to offend no one - that's a classic win-win tactic.

Scott intends to qualify for participation in "Eurovision-2012". "Given the fact that I have long hair, maybe I'd be the triumph of the competition. But my colleagues want to stop me, so I did not release this song. I'm so tired of all this!".

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