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New talents of our rock - Group "Non-mo

May 18 2006

In the middle of the 90th of the 20 th century, fate has brought three young men. Naturally, their meeting place because of the love of making music together. Although, in principle, when they played music, then, as all young people, just liked to walk along.

So, they played music, played music, gave occasional local concerts, recorded in the studio, under the strict guidance of Valery Cherkesov. More guys helped Andrew Sheybaka also no less great. Add to the history that happened all in a glorious city of Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk, and all the guys were in a rush, but ... Crawls up the new 21. Young men became close in the Kuzbass coal basin, and they began to fade in the best city in the world.

They all went to Moscow, regardless of one, according to two people. Moving passed to friends without any excesses, and Moscow has welcomed its new heroes. It makes no sense to describe to you the story of the conquest of Moscow, say one thing, it was not easy, but it was the guys. Highly controversial musical parties, took the children in his arms, and began rehearsing with the other weekdays teams.
As is well known, successful rotation in musical circles, takes time and nerves. As a result, the nerves of our heroes gradually began to fail, and she is a burning need has arisen once again come together and play. The question "What play?" u guys have arisen, in principle, as Alexander Badazhkova at that time was a considerable baggage of their own songs, which he co-wrote with Leroy Masskva. Here are the songs and it was decided to bring to perfection. Happened or not, to judge you now.

Thus was born the group "No-Mo" and its chief today hit the "wrong time".

Our portal has decided to interview the front man and founder of Alexander Badazhkova and know how are the young and talented team.

- Alexander, your work seemed very familiar.

- Can you really could hear her, the composition of "inappropriately" played on the radio "Maximum" for nearly two months before the New Year ... They listened to our stuff, and they liked it, they put us in the rotation and it has paid off. Later in the leadership changed people. And we are at the moment and have not found funding. Here, you forgot us.

- Are you acted like many other young bands, it happens.

- The team have been excellent, but just did not have people who have started to invest in us money.

- Tell us about the origin of your name?

- In late 2005, we had no name. One day we called Yura Fedorov and asked for a meeting, we met with him, he listened to us and offered to put our song on the radio. He and suggested the name. First, we did not really like, but then other options were not, and we left him stuck.

- And he was somehow justified this?

- Association had some were, but I have forgotten what it was. At that time I liked that short and memorable.

- Now you are recording their debut album, tell our readers how it goes, and what will be a concept album?

- Everything is done as it is done, all the time. There are just some songs that together with something similar.

- And how many have already done songs?

- In principle, 10, and now even finish a couple. Just for today shooting our second video for the song "Morning irrelevantly."/ Em>

- And under what inspired this song was written?

- Naturally, under the very good, figs knows everything spontaneously, it's creativity.

- Your team at full strength come from Kemerovo so?

- Not really. Someone from Novokuznetsk, and someone is really out of Kemerovo, I just was wound all the cities in Siberia.

- Could you tell us about the work that has been in Moscow before your period?

- Yes there is some creativity, so ... There is, besides coal and aluminum almost nothing. Just found some good people, fun to play with someone and just talk. I had to go to another city because there was a sound engineer, and he is absolutely free to us the finished material. In general, nodules, we went there, influxes.

- And how you were in Moscow?

- Each in its own way. For example, I worked with Zemfira, the rest of the guys-with Alyona Sviridova, roughly speaking, to the month of January we are together and did not play especially. We met, talked, drank because of their free time. We simply did not work. And then suddenly got the idea to get together again, especially since we had our stuff.

- And your video for the song "Branches" show on MTV?

- Alas, no.

- And why do you think?

- It's the first thing to ask them. My collaboration with them was this: I took the video to watch them, but they never gave an answer, I doubt that they are generally seen. Here a closed circuit is obtained, they say that we must first get on the radio, let them play and on the radio say that you first need to show video on TV. Actually in our country, television and radio do not work well at the same Nashe Radio "I was told that here I am alone without a" roof "that is, no one takes responsibility for us - yet. If you follow me will be a label, and good money, then they will deal with me as well ... Two good cable channel we really twist themselves come themselves asked, here is what I understand. We spoke with Philip Galkin, he a nice guy, but weird - he sits on Nashe Radio "and openly says he hates our national music. It gives me a lot of questions. The question is - why sit there?

I'd like to tell you about the magazine Rokmyuzik.Ru. We now come to him for a meeting and say that you are now a respected journal, who, no matter how you open a new name? And they say that for them is too early to let grow. And when it is not too early? When will our posters everywhere, and the songs on the radio and TV? And then they start to breed bodyagi that not all as easy as you think.

In our country there is a huge problem is that very few people who can express their views and generally those people who it is. People are often very wary listen to what others say about it, gather opinions, and thus depend on the majority opinion. Russia must overcome this barrier, and the group "No-mo, hopefully will become the first ray in the darkness.

- As a child you probably had a lot of idols who influenced you in a musician?

- I can not exactly say that to me in my time very much influenced by Zemfira. Until the moment working with her, I was playing the usual rock 'n' roll, but it transformed me. In 1924 I finally quit drinking and began to seriously pursue jazz. Years from 1995 to the 2000th we played and listened as various kinds of metal music. But at a time when I came to work for Zemfira, everything collapsed. At that moment I began listening to heavy metal music, and generally, most teams, that before I did not catch.Frankly, as you work with Zemfira, I finally moved into her music, love, and realized how much a person can do all the simple and yet beautiful.

- And how did you come from a cult figure?

- It's a long story. I arrived in Moscow, about year shook, met with the right people, and in the end, it turned out that Zemfira split with his former musicians and one of my friends recommended me to her ...

- What is your favorite singer?

- If, among the domestic, then today is Pavel Chekhov and his group of "Chekhov." Of course, and my soul - Zemfira. Ramazanova in itself a very strong personality, at least in our country, it has no equal. I also always liked how the "Mummy Troll", especially live, it's something.

- And from overseas?

- Many. Very much. For myself, I, being a student, made the discovery Nine inch Niles. When I went to their concert, I was stunned, so much so that after the concert was going home on foot, in splendid isolation and baldel, baldel ... Then I gathered up all their records. More - Hot chilli, of course.

- With more heavy music you have nothing to do ...

- Well, very hard - no. At the moment I'm listening to some music, had had more time and desire, but now more and more quiet, probably because I'm doing stuff.

- At a master class by Steve Vai you go?

- No. I just recently was on a similar master-class and highly broken off, even the left. Vai a great guitarist, but a master class ... Actually, I used to play drums. Then something happened, I was not interested in playing simple passages. I wanted to do something else, in the late 90's I was very fond of different kinds of instrumentalists, but now is not drawn

- Recently passed your first concerts at the "point" and "Vermelho", tell us.

- The "point" ... yeah Is it a concert? 2 people came and the familiar. Played 4 songs and left. The clubs have no one yet knows. The audience in fact goes on weekends. A weekend clubs do not put us, because we do not know, and that's understandable. Soon we will have a fourth member, who will give the electronics, he is a DJ and musician, that's something we want are mixed. Then begin to actively advocate.

- What did you like "vermelevsokom" concert?

- By the sound was average. And well, now there is some confidence and the public good.

- You work with Vyacheslav Petkun how it happened and what it means to you.

- This means that the PR company Vyacheslav Petkun will help us in promoting our project. Still, something must be done as a move. He is the most adequate person, and his PR, is correct, we trust him.

- What are some labels you talked, negotiated at the entry?

- Yes, but, having read their contracts, I refused. We are looking for. While no agreements have not.

- And what you do not like contracts?

- Well, firstly, there was one suspicious label, which is almost pop music does. Secondly, I was always assigned a very high level of commitment, without any of its responsibility, it always was about four albums, eight and ten years of work ... This is not a serious conversation, because I can not give guarantee for 4 albums, it's creativity, rather than Plant. And most importantly, I guarantee it, but they do not promise me anything.

- With the release of CDs by contract, what you offer circulation?

- It's all very dull.If it was a real company, it still would be to sacrifice something, and we have this issue not even considered.

- What do you do at this time besides music?

- We do not work like ordinary slogger, well, that there were people who helped me, sponsor.

- Hobbies?

- Guitar. In fact, more than I do not worry about today.

- And what is your education?

- A special thrust to the knowledge I have never had it, I tried to learn after school, but I quickly tired - not mine.

- What do you appreciate in people?

- Generally positive, the mood on the conversation.

- What you do not like in Russia today?

- It may seem strange, but I like everything. It is clear that there are many negative things. But we are in this situation and something must be done. Such is life, we must be able to swirl.

- Do you have personal examples?

- Yes, a lot of examples, the same Zemfira. Just have to do what you think is right, the talent will always find a way, and no it is not a hindrance. The amount of money makes you a completely different person, and sometimes it is very dangerous, is relaxing. I arrived in Moscow, and I had $ 300 in my pocket, I realized that I will have problems. But I still came because I wanted to. Well, what else?

- What is your relationship with the group Maaskva?

- We met when I left Zemfira. After some time I called the producer Lera Maaskva and offered to collect the staff that she Popel with live musicians, the experience. Then I met her closer. For us, Leroy wrote practically all the songs.

- Next you are going to cooperate?

- I would like, but only time will tell. You can not anticipate today can get something, and gone tomorrow. That's the thrill that I give her the melody, but it is not changing anything, wrote her poems. She is very talented.

- Do you have a favorite writer?

- Actually, to be honest, no. It is more expensive, my family, and lately I've lost the habit of reading.

- Do you believe in otherworldly forces?

- Maybe there's something in it. First of all, we must believe in ourselves, that's my belief. When you do something for myself are planning, you are neither of whom is independent, you decide for himself.

- Gently touch on policy issues?

- I watch closely to our policy. I think Russia now began to look a lot better, at least, the attitude of other countries for us to become better, and this is important. Before I was a drum on the policy, and now and not like something changed, before it was really bad, and now he can live.

- Whom do you see the next president?

- Hard to say, I doubt that Putin will give power. There is a very dangerous moment, because we are an imperial nation. Our country is such that the revolution had enough, probably the receiver.

Thank-you very much for the interview.

- And thank you, it's time to run to a meeting, "si yu.

Васильева Камилла

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