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Concert Metallica (exclusive report from Tallinn)

June 16 2006

Walked in Tallinn, enjoy its beauty (a cozy town with a charming gray-eyed blondes), tasty and cheap beer (in stores czech "Krušovice" to 27 rubles, German "Paulayner" by 40, and is very cheap and delicious local varieties), we went to "Event of the Year." Metallica concert was held at the legendary "Song Festival Grounds, located off the coast of the Baltic Sea, where in this fantastic summer day (33) people swam and sunbathed.

A huge field in the form of bowls, with a large stage at the base were scored full. In the first three days of sales, went all 70 000 tickets to a concert of legends Thrash-metal. Later, repeatedly held the shares for the sale of additional tickets, which would bring down the influx of speculators. So on the last day, the shops of the city was thrown out last batch of tickets (1000), they could get everyone brought a "sms" on your phone (sent to radio subscribers) and pay 40 euros (originally by 30 euros or 495 euros) . At chanter field has gathered more than 100,000 spectators for 400,000 Tallinn fantastic figure.

Metallica as 10 years ago, is working on a new album and to bring fresh blood briefly came out of a stuffy studio, for a world tour, which is called «Escape From The Studio '06» (such inscription adorned on my T-shirt for 25 euros). In the spring the group performed in South Africa and Germany, and finally reached Eastern Europe. Let me remind you that in Tallinn is the second concert of the world's "superstars" their first visit was 9 years ago. In Russia the most demanded formation of a metal not called in the past 15 years (Festival «Monster of Rock» in 1991 in Tushino, gathered more than a million viewers).

Came public, representing a unique fusion of the Scandinavians of all stripes. Thousands of fans from Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, were diluted with a few hundred from Russia (mostly St. Petersburg) of the CIS countries and other neighboring countries (Poland, Germany).

Parking stretched from the old town, when the end of the performance we went with friends the night of Tallinn, the end and edge buzzing tubes were not visible.

Fans and onlookers simply, flocked to the concert with three hours of the day, the time for action of the first group of heating started at 18:00, and most Metallica about 10 pm. For the disabled, as always in Europe were special places, most of the audience sat on the grass (a form of bowls is very convenient) and consume beer (2 euro) and meat (and lots of up to 5 euros).

The event had been installed additional towers with speakers, so each sector received a perfect sound probably the best I've heard on the Open-Air. The sound was everywhere and he was clean.

As we said above, from 18:00 on the stage began by warming up. Two local teams Tanel Padar & The Sun and the Pedigree and Bullet for my Valentine (Wales). Almost 4 hours, they tortured the audience waiting for the main sabzh.

Of the speakers I'm interested in a group of Pedigree, on assurances that Estonian girls since the beginning of the 90th play music like industrial. Not bad, but an amateur. Bullet for my Valentine, we stood in line for food, because it had not eaten since morning.

The scene was separated more expensive stalls for a few thousand people. We, in turn, are located in the front row of the second barrier, and with the elevation of enjoying your favorite team performance. The aisle between us and parterres guards scurried, constantly passed on the cold water in plastic cups. In the rays of the fabulous sunset at the Song Festival Grounds was packed.

Stunning technique, virtuoso Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett and Trujillo unloved, perfectly delivered a light show, a fantastic fireworks in the end, the unforgettable power of thousands of fans.I can not describe what happened there, we sang every song. They're the best! Fears of some are not fans of the green grapes "have not been confirmed, the album St. Anger has never sounded like did not sound any songs later Reload (Fuel). But sounded entire Master of Puppets from the Battery to Damage, Inc. 2.5 hours of the best performances (in my opinion) of the planet ended in the best ballads (Nothing Else Matters, One, Enter Sandman), but not "live» Unforgiven is not sounded, the rest of the BEST OF. Completed a magical act at half past midnight at the very shabby little piece from the album Kill em 'All (Seek and Destroy).

So was my best concert in the career of a journalist.

The setlist:

Creeping Death
Wherever I May Roam
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Fade To Black

Album Master of Puppets

Master of Puppets
The Thing That Should Not Be
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Disposable Heroes
Leper Messiah
Damage, Inc.
- - - -
Sad But True
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
- - - -
so What
(in the scene are Pedigree, Tanel Padar and The Sun, and Bullet For My Valentine)
Seek and Destroy

Thank you for the support

Vitvitskiy Alex


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