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"Chart a dozen. Top-13 ". Who's what, and we are on the rock

March 11 2008

On the eve of International Women's Day in the mighty UK Olympic Stadium hosted the First Annual Music Award in the field of rock and roll "Chart dozen. Top-13 ". Despite the fact that such an event for the Russian rock - a novelty, but as you know, the first pancake is always lumpy, sad expectations were not fulfilled, and the hall is going full house mixed with excitement.

5 hours before 19 thousand spectators acted 14 rock bands from Russia, Ukraine and Latvia.

Who came out and made

Opened the concert of "Windmill", headed by Natalie O'Shea (Helavisa).

Group "Alice" after his speech, which was accompanied by a pyrotechnic show.

«ZNAKI», who were nominated to win in the category "Debut", played on the "Chart dozen. Top 13 "songs" Mama "and" The Sun ".

Performance of "Alice" escort grand fireworks show.

"Pilot" began his speech with a lyrical song «», but militants have continued to "Terrorism", "Rock" and the new "Jedi".

Latvian friends Prizes Party «Brainstorm» delighted the audience practically nationwide song "Weekend," which was sung in chorus with many thousands of spectators Music Awards for Rock and Roll "Chart dozen. Top-13 ".

"Time Machine" performed together with the multitudes "Olympic" song "Fly", which has long been held in the hit parade "Chart Dozen." "Agatha Christie", along with their "militants" to present to the audience a brand new song "The feat, which only began to storm the charts," Nashe Radio ".

Speakers picked up the baton group "Pelagia", his set began with the musicians' Nyurkinoy songs. " Immediately after the speech Pelagia with Irina Chaschina and friends continued to watch the ceremony from the art-cafe "Chart dozen. Top-13 ".

Especially for the "Chart dozen. Top-13 "group" The King and the Clown "has prepared a" heavy "" industrial "processing of their song" The Bear ", and" pot "made himself a new haircut. And especially for the "King and the Jester" fans prepared Fire, which immediately sparked during a speech idols. Thank God there were no casualties, but the conclusions of the police at the event, suggest themselves unpleasant.

The long-awaited presentation of the "Naive" in classical costume in particular stood out among the musical numbers in the evening. Listen to "Memories of Lost Love" in "naivovskoy" processing came creators and performers of the original version - Michael Gorshenev and Andrei Knyazev ("The King and the Clown").

The culmination of the First Music Award in the field of rock and roll "Chart dozen. Top-13 "became the group's performance" Kipelov.

Who took it and won

Award in the category "Concert" presented the group "Windmill" for a concert presentation of the album "The Call of Blood" (MSA Luzhniki, December 2, 2006). Soloist team Helavisa and musicians managed to circumvent such "monsters of rock," as Kipelov and Zemfira. However, Zemfira attention is still not cheated.

Singer deservedly won the "Best-13" in "Soloist" and "Music" (the track "We break '), but was unable to personally attend the ceremony and delivered a video address to the audience and guests of the show with a huge screen in upstage. The winner appeared before filled the Olympic Stadium, sitting on a black suitcase with the name of the tour "Thank You" in which she was at the time of award. As always, cheerful and smiling Zemfira thanked everyone and walked away "in English."Received the award for Artist of the DJ "Nashe Radio" Lyudmila Streltsov, promising to transfer books from a metal alloy with best wishes from all those present. Despite any appearance of any singer, in the absence of Zemfira felt a protest against all these prizes, and already out of protest followed the show-off, as usual inherent Ramazanova.

Debut of the year (Breaking chart) was purely a women's group «Fleur» from Odessa, leaving aside their rivals - the singer Pelagia and the group «Znaki». By the way, the song "Silkworm", "Warm Cats" and "Two Clouds" this promising group of students become familiar with "our" radio in 2007, it was thanks to the hit parade "Chart Dozen."

Winner in the category "Poetry" for the words to the song "New Life" was Yuri Shevchuk, the fall is not speaking of concerts. Visit Award Chart Dozen "was the first release in light of the group leader" DDT "after a long break. The band also received the prize for "songs".

Victory in a strange category "Choice Internet (Leader of the point ru)" went to the group "The King and the Clown". What is the concept of the nomination, and someone else chose the Internet, remains a mystery, covered with rock. And fans of "Kish" proved his own - on the Internet, they are strong.

One of the heroes of the "Top 13" were members of the band "Liapis Trubetskoy." Their song "Capital" has brought the winning category "Video". The guys did not hide his joy at the table "Art Cafe", where a rest after the show with four songs already.

The winner in the category "Album" was the group "Spleen" to the plate "split personality". Alexander Vasiliev, originally announced on posters as one of the speakers that evening went to the scene just to pick up the award.

In the category "Group" won "Alice". The group leader has rightly said: "And it's true. "Alice" - the best rock band. When we first started playing I knew we were the best. Otherwise would not everyone doing it. " That's a sensible position of this rock musician! At the same time to receive the second award of the evening the leader of the "Alice" was somehow awkward, especially in the category "Vocalist of the Year. "A good singer, I myself never thought - self-criticism, said the musician. - There are more deserving singers - Kipelov, for example. Well, times have given, thank you! "

Award in the category of "Legend" for Egor Letov was presented also a legend, a star of the ether "Nashe Radio" Raisa. The book was getting invited to the ceremony from Omsk widow of Yegor, a bass guitarist "Gr.Ob. Natalia Chumakov and director of staff Sergei Popkov. Hall paid tribute to the musicians with loud applause.

A series of awards completed nomination "The best book about rock and roll." Michael Politseymako, trainer Karen Bogdasarova and Tigran Keosayan presented the award to Mikhail Kozyrev for his undoubtedly the best book trilogy "My rock and roll."

But in the end

Words, words, winning awards, one thing remains unclear: why? What is the salt of awarding the same to the heroes of rock, which from year to year do not change? No new heroes, "old men" has long been ozolocheny, so just let them create! Award "Chart Dozen" was painfully similar to the festival "Invasion", which this year had to cancel. That's why the organization was worth, the benefit of all this we have already passed, the audience in raptures. Well, who give books next year - Shevchuk, Kipelovo and Kinchevu? Glory to Russian rock.

Anna Pavlova


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