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Mystical show «King Diamond» onstage DK Gorbunova

May 10 2006

Long-awaited show of King Horror-metal «King Diamond». The concert was held last Friday, and hardly any of the CLC came away unsatisfied. But before we tell about the Diamond, because not everyone is familiar with the work that is definitely a talented showman and musician.

When in 1985 the popular metal project «Mercyful Fate» split into two groups. Vocalist King Diamond (Kim Bendix Petersen), Michael Denner (guitar) and Timi Hansen (bass) decided together to continue to play its "hellish" heavy metal, while other members of the group «Mercyful Fate» filed in gaining mainstream momentum .

Even in his first band Diamond acquired its demonic horrific image, borrowed them from the great and terrible Alice Cooper. In his new project «King Diamond» other than the said Michael and Timi, King took the ex-members of the project «Geisha» guitarist Floyd Konstantin and drummer Mikkey Dee.

Floyd, however, quite soon dumped into the shadows, but instead appeared Andy La Rocque of «Ef band». After just a month they released their first single, titled «No presents for Christmas», and in April 1986 on the shelves appeared on their debut CD «Fatal portrait». Style change commands in the direction of fiction themes, moving away from the "fresh" Satanism, which of course attracted to the group of new fans.

In 1987, the «King Diamond» released their second album is great and horrible «Abigail», considered as the most significant drive in the work group. It was perfectly combined all the power of the great «Mercyful fate», and mastery of the Diamond, a man with unparalleled charisma.

«Abigail» contains all the trappings of mysticism in the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe: The old manor with a battered windows, spirits, cemetery and eerie prophecy. Constant whispering and screeching vocals Diamond remembered forever.

In early October 1987 King released his collection of early material written with «Mercyful fate». And almost immediately after the release of tapes of the group goes, Michael Denner, Michael handed over to the first moon of the «Madison», and then Peter Blake. After them went out and Timi Hansen, who was born a long-awaited son. New bassist in the most shocking team became the 80th American Hal Patino.

The new composition of «King Diamond» released the most complex in the theme for the album «Them». Received a resounding success and got into Top 100 «Billboard», album and to this day considered a classic Horror-metal.

Once because of Diamond's work on the soundtrack for the movie "Bugs" was interrupted by a European tour, the group left, and drummer Mickey Dee. So a team has started an endless change of drummers, which ended only with the advent of Snowy Shaw.

However, Dee has not just helped the Diamond, so he attended the sessions for the album «Conspiracy». Despite the perfect musical performance, sales results of this excellent disc have been more modest. To some extent this was because the album cover, which sported fancy head of King Diamond. Traditional "corpse-peint" discourages many potential buyers from among the ordinary citizens.

In 1990, the shops there «The eye», work in which the author tracks was not only the King himself, but other team members. Probably a «King Diamond» a crisis of genre, and album sales suffered a setback. Already in 1993, King restores the connection with his former colleague, Hank Sherman, and they decide to simultaneously revive «Mercyful fate» in its previous composition.Despite this, Diamond did not throw his solo project, and continued to work in both teams. On the recording disk 1995 in «King Diamond», new musicians: bassist Chris Estes and new drummer Darrin Anthony.

Subsequent records, such as «Voodoo», «House of God »,« Abigail II »and« The Puppet Master »as ever with a thrilling mystical story, the stores appeared regularly, and always left a lasting impression on all new and new fans alike.

The concert started at eight o'clock, when the hall lights went out and the crowd of many thousands (in the evening in the hall was full) enjoy the atmosphere of the opening intro. The scene, as in held two days earlier, St. Petersburg concert, was fenced cemetery fence. After leaving the stage, "King" Autumn of the cross, he began to open the coffin with the baby Abigeyl to revive the worst evil of the 18 th century.

Boisterous support of the hall, painted fans, great light, a program of old hits, some scenic images (the scene traveled a stroller with her grandmother, then ran out the devil's nymphet, and even pregnant Miriam).

Sounded for many soon «Come To The Sabbath», marked the middle of a beautiful concert. An amazing sight, the only one I have seen gigs in DK Gorbunova, where the audience would not go to drink beer in the lounge, but always remained in the hall - the audience went crazy and without alcohol. Played drum solo Matt Thompson, notifying us of the imminent end of the concert, but the audience was not going to let the master of the dark scenes, even after Them'ovskoy «Welcome Home» sung by all the audience.

All three outputs Diamond for an encore, sounded in his own way, «The Invisible Guests» and suddenly sounded «Halloween» satisfy all fans of terrible Dane, although after the last voiced «Evil» audience refused to leave the room. In mid-June, the old man banging Diamond "fifty dollars", but he still has no equal on the stage.

Fotrafii show:

The setlist:

02. Arrival
03. Mansion In Darkness
04. The Family Ghost
05. Black Horsemen
06. Spare This Life (intro playback)
07. Mansion In Sorrow
08. Sorry Dear (outro playback)
09. Come To The Sabbath
10. Eye Of The Witch
11. Drum Solo
12. Sleepless Nights
13. Blood To Walk
14. Living Dead (outro playback)
15. Welcome Home

16. The Invisible Guests
17. Halloween
18. Evil

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