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In concert, "Kronos Quartet" will be distributed to the sounds of the cosmos

May 8 2006

"Kronos Quartet was formed in the early 70's - in the very fertile time when about any crisis in the musical culture no one knew. In the courtyard stood in 1973, and the musicians are actively experimenting with various musical trends. And here is one of those musicians named David Harrington has decided to contribute to the creation of a new concept. He decided to fuse together the academic avant-garde classics of XX century, ethnics, minimalism, new jazz, processing rock and pop and conceptual performance.

To realize this idea, he invited the three singers, a virtuoso to play the viola, violin and cello. Harrington himself is not only a gush of ideas, but also a professional violinist. Thus, in the music scene came a string quartet. He soon drew the most attention.

If you believe that a string quartet - it's something boring, something is deeply wrong. First, "Kronos Quartet performs works at the highest level, and is not just academic performance, but something like the following, more advanced stages of group development Apocaliptyca. Drive in this abound! In addition, the musicians add special effects. Due to them the music immediately acquires a new meaning - there is volume, becoming brighter colors if you can hear an echo, and some unusual and magical sounds.

It is said the leader of the team, the credo of the ensemble - "give the public a feeling that she had heard the whole world of music in one evening." In this "world music" every time appears in a different form - in fact the quartet members are not limited to just one musical project, and with each subsequent program surprised the audience with something new.

Throughout most of its existence Kronos has recorded more than 3O album (CD and LP) and was nominated for four Grammy Awards. In 1989, the group was awarded a Grammy for best contemporary music composition. There were other awards. So, in 1992, CD team «Pieces Of Africa» («African Drama") took first place in the Billboard charts in two categories: Top Classical Albums, and World Music Albums.

Many contemporary composers write music specifically for this group, among them - John Zorn, Sofia Gubaidulina, Arvo Pärt, Witold Lutoslavsky, Morton Feldman, Steve Reich, Alfred Schnittke and others. Kronos performs original covers of famous works of jazz and rock, even pop hits, and always does so masterfully, gracefully and skillfully. For whatever they come from - the songs of James Brown, Jimi Hendrix or Elvis Presley - all will be done on a brilliant level.

The group records and performs with artists working in a variety of styles, ranging from famous rockers such as David Byrne and Frank Zappa, and ending with avant-garde. Thus, the Moscow public performance memorable quartet with two fellow musicians - members of the Finnish project Kluster: accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen and Samuli Kosminen master samples in September 2004.

Then they sang together an amazing play, a masterpiece, located at the intersection of classical, avant-garde and modern clever chips, writing that took 2 years. Musicians captivated listeners not only the beauty of the play, but unquestioned professionalism that is apparent everywhere.Member of the quartet are inherent excellent sense of rhythm, great teamwork, respect for all the nuances (louder, quieter, expressiveness on the verge of fiction), polyphony, a variety of parties with an ever-changing musical themes, using a huge number of musical techniques to create a set of images. Not surprisingly, the «The New York Times» wrote about musicians: "If there were Nobel Prize in music, she should have been awarded Kronos." Magazine «Rolling Stone», in turn, notes that "Kronos shakes classical music as well as at the time the Beatles shook the pop music."

In addition to music, hitting the listener to the soul, the team uses a variety of special effects. Periodically, the stage crawling smoke, giving the overall picture is quite indescribable look. At one of the show for each of the musicians occasionally appeared a strange sign that looks like a giant dark blue butterfly with wings-axes. All these signs have been highlighted with spotlights, and the last sound of the play - off again a lyrical farewell notes all the butterflies soared up and flew over the heads of visitors ... froze for a moment and flew off somewhere ... in my reality.
On the other concerts the quartet members wore a rather extravagant costumes and used the stage mannerisms, characteristic for the more rock stars than for the moderate and prim classical performers. They know a lot about that in a good way to shock the viewer. And this time they invented something new and unexpected.

Imagine you imagine the sound of space? Typically, after viewing some of the blockbuster many people think that there is absolute silence reigns. So anything like this! Sounds of Space - a whistle, a strange siren blows with unearthly sounds. In 2000, the space agency NASA has proposed "Kronos Quartet" to use their archive recordings of these weird sounds from the cosmos to create a musical project. Artists have responded enthusiastically to this proposal, and there was a project Sun Rings.

Says composer Terry Riley, "Space has always troubled the imagination of poets and musicians. Ancient astrologers understood the importance of the influence of motion of the planets on our lives. I think that our collaboration on this project was not without influence of the planets. They want the stars to let us into their sphere are happy if they give us? "I think so, otherwise, our project would not have been successful."

Shaw completed visuals, the work of director Willie Williams. In the archives of NASA, he found many interesting photographs, including those that once were sent to Earth from the spacecraft Voyager. As a result, there was a visual part of the show, an abstraction with which the director tried to convey the mood of music and composition in general. Sun Rings program viewers will see gram on May 30, and the next day, May 31, the quartet will present another program - "Greatest Hits".

Maria Pavlikova

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