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Group "Animals". Moscow charges of Rain-guns. "

February 8 2008

Moscow concert of "Animals" - a rare phenomenon. More often boys romp through the city or lost in the studio, giving himself completely new material. The team collected its fans in one of Moscow clubs to remember the past and to sing the news.

At the first concert in this year's "Beast" for a few days it sold more than 2,500 tickets that the capacity of 3000 is very good result. And given the fact that Roma Beast recently flashed on the screen as often as a couple of years ago, one thing is clear - fans of an artist is not forgotten.

Go to 21.00 to the club tightened completely different young people of all ages, trends and thinking. Mostly, the girls who are listening "Beast" is close because of their age. However, in the hall were seen and those of the stronger sex in considerable quantity.

For several years Moscow youth managed to miss on the "Rain-guns." Before the advent of the popular band on the stage hall chanted "Beasts! Beasts! ". Frontman Roma Beast and the musicians came on stage around 21.15. Punctuality for the musician - it important, few have such quality, why hold a concert in only 15 minutes - a gift to the listener.

It all started with a new song, "Thank you". Thus, Roma tried to make amends for his slight delay, referring to the hall: "Thanks to all the beautiful girls of the country for its beauty and inaccessibility in the night ..."

After the guitar solo Roma with a smile, looked at the full house and said hello. The program continued with songs from their first album "Hunger": "For You", "Ring," "Little c", the Beast was singing along with the room, occasionally pausing, thus giving word to the public.

Admirers of the "Beasts" boldly may envy the same old people "Hands up!". Hands raised high up, that day was really incredibly much, and the floor of the club, despite the tightness in the room, shaking with dancing, dancing brunettes, blondes and other young people like never shook with songs, a la "Little my . We believe it is proved: under a rock and can come off without harm to health.

Communicating with the public actor continued: "Thank you! How are you are you doing in Moscow? As winter passes? Not depressing? Like not so cold ... Well, well, go on, huh? "- Inquired novel from the scene, preparing the public for not less loved compositions from the second album. And away!

"Girls, boys, dancing, girls, boys, dance, one-two-three ..." - dictated the "Animals" from the scene, and not paying attention to the gravity of his musical instumentov themselves start to dance. The song has finished, as he called him a Roma, "a lonely solo guitarist Maxim Leonov.

Lyrical Beverages stronger "gave to unwind from the drive just a few minutes to take a breath and continue with renewed vigor.

"You see, she had trouble!" - Lamented the main Beast, performing provocative song from the last album. Further, followed by "It's not that" and "Just such a strong love." The latter, as I remember, 5 years ago became a symbol of the group, some towers for their creativity first album and the catch phrase, which you can justify any misconduct.

There was a time of new products. "The song, which now sounds you have heard and seen. Quite recently saw her group "Animals" ... "You!" - declared the Roma.The scene lit sparklers. Hall choir sang the familiar words of a recent novelty.

The surprises did not end on this, and announcing the next thing, not a little pleased Roma Hall: "The new song sounds now. We have between tours record a new album. I hope he will be released in April. New album will consist of two parts, which should appear in April and in autumn. New song from the first part. Today premerka will. Let's try it out for you to play! "Black Dolphins!". Words, of course, no one knew, but still the public has a new song to "Cheers."

After the new song "Animals" returned to their last album, "When we are together, nobody cooler." There were "paws up", "sunshine", "Roma, sorry, that room was shouting so hard that it seemed as if the passengers of the Moscow metro certainly witnessed the" animal "chants of fans, is under the ground.

Following were the "traps" and "See you later!" - The most popular song of the team in the history of "Beast." After lengthy promises of love forever, the musicians and soloist retired backstage to soon come back and sing for an encore, "The Game of yourself", "Rain-guns" and "Region-quarters."

Presenting 21 songs instead of 18 promised, Roma goodbye turned to the audience: "I want to say thank you! You forgive, that rarely complain to Moscow. Anyway, it was very nice to see you. We wish you love and goodness! Thank you so much! "

Having collected all the flowers and gifts, Roma nicely away from the scene. Why? Well, as the concert ended on February 8, the boys performance in Yaroslavl, and still have time to release the first part of the album and to book. In general, spring promises to blow the minds of fans with new creations of the "Beasts".

Anna Pavlova


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